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Tuesday 20th December

December 21, 2016


We’ve had a very jolly review in the local paper. Here it is below:


The Chronicle

From the very opening scene the children were amazed by the sets and the bright colourful stunning costumes. The beanstalk itself is fantastic and very creative.

The jokes throughout had everyone in fits of laughter and some went over the children’s heads which was a good thing. They include a real mix for everyone which kept the audience entertained throughout. The chart songs throughout and dance routines were brilliant and had everyone singing and clapping along. There was even a few of the Blue songs along the way which was really nice and Simon’s voice was perfect for the songs performed throughout the pantomime. Ashleigh and Pudsey were incredible the routines and tricks that they performed fit in so well with the story and were really entertaining to watch. Ricky K who played simple Simon played the part of simple Simon and was brilliant with the children who performed on stage and also the audience interaction. Nigel Ellacott who played Dame Trot had some hilarious comedy and one liners throughout. Overall this is a great pantomime to get you in the festive spirit and one that the entire family will enjoy.

Natalie Bell

Between shows today the cast either eat, sleep or chill- those that remain in the building. Here are a few pics of various dressing rooms and their occupants!


The Boys In The Band relax!

My room looks festive, but not in “night Mode” lighting- furry rug, pillow & duvet are very well used between each and every show!


The Crew relax in their Crew Room before presets and half hour calls.


011012 015

The half hour call is given by Beth, and everything swings back into action. Second show goes up, and off we go again!



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  1. Richard bryan permalink

    Brilliant show last night. A few good ad lobs. I think your nights boyfriend Jon was nicely embarrassed. Keep up the good work

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