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Wednesday 21st Meal Night!

December 22, 2016


Wednesday 21st December 2016

Two shows today as usual. Between shows yesterday I was delighted to meet up with Terry Powell, and catch up on all things Panto! Terry has an encyclopeaedic knowledge of scenery from his days as scenic artist and assistant to the king of Panto scenery Tod Kingman. We could have gone on for hours, but it was a very jolly reunion!

We’ve had a great “trailer” video online from the Derngate. This is the link to opening it:

Today between shows I discovered that the vast sub basement of the Derngate- it really is cathedral like  and houses a massive hydraulic orchestra pit- this basement houses two beautiful Steinway Grand Pianos- I had a lovely time tinkling the Ivories, and then joined by Jalisa, John, James and MD Phil we had our very own concert in the depths of this theatre! Lovely break between shows!


an amazing jam session- Jalisa and John in Sub Stage today. WOW!

During this afternoon’s show we had a very  brief power outage! I was on my third change in the Quick Change room with Carys when the lights flickered and the stage went to a state lit only by LED lights. Eamonn made an announcement that there was a technical problem, and six minutes later we were back on- I think the audience quite enjoyed the bit of Live Theatre drama! I was stood standing with fruit on my head as you do, and then we were off and running in no time.

Apparently a big chunk of the town suffered the outage, with tills closed and shops forced to close for a while. Our biggest casualty was that the hot water boiler tripped and didn’t reset. The screams from the cold showers after the second show (including my own!) were pretty shrill!

Had a visit first show from Olly Ashmore, Qdos’s Musical producer and arranger.He seemed delighted.


Also delighted was our Producer, Jonathan Kiley who arrived to see the show this evening, and was full of praise! He loved it, and especially the pace and energy- so we are all well pleased!


Ricky in jubilant mood! No- he’s NOT wearing the bird house as a hat!

This evening after the freezing showers we set off for a company meal at a nearby restaurant. About twenty five or so hungry folk. Had a great meal- I was reminded of the Old Les Dawson “Cissie & Ada” sketch- “Did you have the Shish Kebabs?” and we did! Gorgeous food and very lovely company of cast, crew, and the extremely hard working wardrobe department and James representing the Band!


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  1. We were at the matinee yesterday! The children were pretty excited by the slight pause to restore power/lighting but loved the show! Profuse giggling from the 8yr old, especially with the ‘If I wasn’t in panto’ song at the end. And Sullivan – I’m in love!

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