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Giant’s Tongue Lashing! Meet The Crew!

December 23, 2016


There are moments in a panto when genuine mishaps or tongue tied actors can cause mirth. In our Panto the very fact that we’ve called Jack Simon a few times by accident is just one example. Today we were reduced to tears of laughter when our Giant Blunderbore’s tongue came flying out of his mouth (like an ill fitting set of dentures) and landed on the fore stage!

This Giant was NOT Tongue Tied!

Jack got your tongue? Simon (Jack) was fighting him at the time, and we’d noticed he was rudely poking it out at us throughout the scene. Then out it popped! Much mirth ensued!




Yesterday I put pictures of Backstage on here- today there are some photos of the Gents and the Ladies who make our show work. What a jolly bunch they are too!

014 017

015 016 019 020 022 028

Here we have Stage Right and Stage Left crew, stage LX and wardrobe- Damian, Jimmy, Hougie, Alex, Sam, Neil, Mariah,Natasha,  Beth is running the corner, and Jo in the Stage Left Wing, with Sarah in Stage Right.Carys is in my Quick Change room on Stage Left.

021 024

026 025


Christmas Eve is tomorrow! We have two shows- one at 1pm and the other at 5pm. In between shows we will all have our company “Secret Santa” onstage with mince pies- and as soon as the curtain falls at 7pm there will be a mad dash for cars and trains and people heading homeward for Christmas!

This blog will continue on Boxing Day, so from all of us in Pantoland- MERRY CHRISTMAS! Safe journeys to all our fellow panto folk, and have a fantastic day off! Here is my favourite festive picture- Ashleigh with Puds & Sully! Merry Christmas!



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