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Thursday 22nd December National Elf!

December 23, 2016


Dame Trott selects a victim!

Today at The Derngate it was “Elf On A Shelf” day! A lovely tradition whereby a cute Christmas Elf appears somewhere on the set in each scene. A sort of Yultide “Where’s Wally”. He had many homes today in The Village, Cloudland and even had a ride on Dame Trott’s mobility scooter!

bs8 bs3 bs4

Backstage is a magic land! There are so many people who work throughout the day to create the world of Panto- from Sound, lighting, flys, wardrobe, stage management- through to chaperones for the children, front of house staff, box office- a daily army of people creating a two hour memory. Here are some backstage photos- taken by our Company Manager Eamonn. A small glimpse of that backstage wonderland!

bs1 bs2

Beth calling the show from Prompt Desk. (Stage left here. Some theatres differ).

bs10 bs11 bt12

The Finale steps from behind the scenes. They are STEEP!


Sam on the sound desk in the auditorium. Many many cues at the flick of a button. Ricky has his desk in Stage Right wing, and he monitors the radio microphones throughout the show.


The show is created by lighting, sound, scenery, costumes and a hard working crew who transform a market into a grand ballroom, and move a squeaky giant (WD40 is his diet) into position so that JO on Stage Left can control his movements animatronically.


Best seat in the house!The Sound desk!


Interval in the flys!



Way up high!


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