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Tuesday 27th December 2016

December 28, 2016

Another earlier show- one at 1pm and the second at 5pm. Packed to the rafters and a very jolly crowd in. Backstage there are small signs of the show ending this week. One of the scenic trucks arrives tomorrow, to be joined later on by the others for loading.

I’ve already packed my big case and that is returning home.That leaves me with just the minimal amount of clothes to see me through this week, and a few days of panto visiting next week- Birmingham and Manchester are on the list!

Visitors today- My Brother Vivyan and Owen Smith came to see the evening show, along with my mate Rusty Goffe and wife Sarah. Rusty and I have done a few Brick Lane Music Hall Pantos together, and currently it is Rusty’s filmed image that pops up in the wicked Queen’s mirror at the nearby Deco Theatre panto- “Snow White”.


Rusty is of course famous for his film appearances- Harry Potter, Star Wars and the original Charlie And The Chocolate Factory- Willy Wonka’s Ompa Loompa!


The two shows were received well as always, and finishing early gave us the chance to grab a bite afterwards. Tomorrow we must prepare for a very important Birthday celebration. A VIP- Very Important Pooch- Pudsey!


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