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Happy Birthday Pudsey!

December 29, 2016


Today the Birthday Boy gave two star performances, had a backstage party with his mates, and still found time to rummage in my bin while Ashleigh’s back was turned, and unearthed a cheese sandwich! Pudsey the superstar is eleven years old today, and performed like a pup as usual!


Here he is in the interval Pooch party we held during the matinee. Party hats worn by all the assembled- he even wore his onstage today, and cards, a pork pie for a cake and a candle to make a wish on!


we toasted his Birthday with cups of tea, and he got a shout out onstage where Ricky calls out Birthdays. You just knew that he was having a great day- very waggy and just delighted to be with his panto pals!


I had lots of visitors today- Two Nathans- Nathan Daniel and Nathan Wilkie. I’ve had a good few pantos with Nathan D, and, of course, he is a member of our touring Pantomime Roadshow! Lovely to see them at the matinee. In the evening Tony Courts & Steve Boyce came to see the show. Had a lovely catch up. They’ve enjoyed The London Palladium Panto this season, and have been to Wimbledon Panto before visiting me here, and off to Birmingham Panto!

Things are speeding up here- we only have six shows left! Thoughts turn to packing, and travelling, and in a few days time I’ll be starting my twelve day break or so, before rejoining the Brick Lane Music Hall familiy for the second panto season!

Here’s my favourite picture of Hamish, Pudsey and Sullivan to end the day with!


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