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The Final Show! New Year’s Eve

January 2, 2017


The Last Show! Time has flown, and here we are with two final shows before the scenic trucks start to get loaded- some today and the rest on Monday!

Here is a picture of all of us on stage at The Derngate. It takes a lot of folk to bring on the magic- and this is before the hard working Front Of House are involved!


By the second show all the dressing rooms were emptied- just the bare minimum left, taxis and cars ordered, and the audience for both shows were hugely jolly and up for it! We had a great last show.


It has been a really lovely season, and we have been spoiled with a fabulous crew, who made us all feel truly welcome to their theatre, and a company who all enjoyed each other’s company. It was a pleasure to enter the building each day!


As the second show progressed props were packed and all my costumes were packed away as I took them off, under the watchful eye of Cerys- so that by the finale I only had what I was wearing left in the Stage Left Quick Change room. By 7.10 I was off stage, showered and waiting for my cab at 7.25pm and having said a quick “Happy New Year” along with everyone I was heading for the night. The Wardrobe, technical and crew remained until 9pm and then the get-out will stop, and continue on Monday- one of Eight Qdos pantomimes to close this evening.


Here are a few new show pictures to add to this entry- over the next couple of days I will be adding a set of brand new pictures, so keep checking the diary for new additions.

Talking of new and topical.. Here are a few pictures from a backstreet in Birmingham-taken today- the panto advertised had Sherrie Hewson, Ken Morley and myself in Wolverhampton. The star of our show Keith Harris is sadly no longer with us. The poster still stands three years after we closed!


So, a huge thank you to All at the Derngate, Northampton, and thank you for having us there! Here are a few new photos to start the ball rolling into 2017. Happy New Year!




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