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Spinning Tales! Rehearsal 2

January 20, 2017


Ben, Sam, Danny & Ellie

It’s now Friday, and the rehearsals have flown past. The stage is still being worked on, and we work on the floor mostly putting the show and the routines together.

A revival from Brick Lane’s “Babes” panto is The Schoolroom. I have a cunning disguise for this one to become “teacher”- appearing as The Queen Of Mean herself Ann Robinson!. Very apt really as I took on Ms Robinson in “The Weakest Link” years back and nearly won!. Its on Youtube if you type in my name & “The Weakest Link Panto”. What a LONG day THAT was!

Lucy & Andrew

015 014

Rhys & Hayley-Jo

This week the cast have had their fittings with Frank, who has been working solidly to midnight at his spinning wheel backstage. We’ve run the Schoolroom, The Present of a pheasant gag- Now changed to a Kipper, as it might be more fragrant- and run both acts by the end of today (Friday). I’ll bring my costumes in tomorrow when we run some of the musical numbers during the morning. I think I have five changes total, which is very luxurious after my fifteen a show in Northampton!

Tom & Anthony

038 035

Andrew & Vincent

On Monday and Tuesday we’ll be tech & dress rehearsing on stage ready for a final Tech on Wednesday morning, and our first Tea Time show at 3pm onWednesday afternoon. I’m off the book (that is, for the uninitiated not using my script!) tentatively- and the theatrical term for that is a “stagger-through!” . My biggest problem is songs. The lyrics to be precise. I find that lyrics dont go in anywhere near as fast as dialogue. That’s my weekend sorted then!

So for now its lyric learning and frock sorting until we return on Monday! More Spinning Tales to follow then!


Anthony at a Stag Do! Well.. it IS Panto time!

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