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Technical Rehearsals Monday 23rd

January 24, 2017


Monday 23rd January .

Having brushed up on the musical numbers yesterday, today we returned to continue putting the panto on to the stage. It is a tiny stage, and yet eleven performers can get on there, even if it is a little cramped! The downstage entrance is so narrow I can’t get on wearing my wide hat, so I slide into position and pop it on just out of sight of the front row. THAT is how bijou Brick Lane is!

001 002

Mark Dickman                                                        Martin Layzelle

Today our Brick Lane Orchestra was augmented by Mark Dickman, who is programme the sounds and arrangements into Keyboard number two- opposite our MD Tom. Mark I worked with last at Hackney Empire for my mate Susie McKenna when we did a panto scene as part of a big Variety Night.

Martin joins us as Keyboard number two. An accomplished drummer as well, he joins the trio that welcomes back Andy Pook, Brick Lane regular percussionist. Good to see you back, Andy!

004  005

Andy Pook                                                                  Steven Metcalf

Also rejoining us today is Steven Metcalf, panto performer and perruquier (or Wiggie to us!) who is titivating a few wigs for Andrew’s Nurse Fanny! I have nothing to titivate as I’m wearing a glorious Jolie style horned headdress made by the incredibly talented Shirley Davis. I have a couple of hard wigs as well, but nothing requiring a tail comb!

Once again a gorgeous roast lunch from Brick Lane’s Chef, Salem, and back to work running the show. We even get Chocolates, biscuits and ice cream in this wonderland!

. Anthony issued us all with radio mikes – that is a lot of radio mike to control- eleven in total, while Kevin plotted the lighting for the show as he watched the run-through.

Kevin & Charlie

Charlie decorated the auditorium, ready for Wednesday’s opening. A red rose theme is transforming the Winter Wonderland in honour of Princess Briar Rose- our Beauty.


We worked through the panto using some scenery,with Rhys setting up schoolrooms and throne rooms-and some props and in my case bits of costume. Deadly Nightshade is new to me- and the costumes (all in a very evil shade of black and silver) need to be worked, as do the shoes! The headdresses are working brilliantly and I don’t even know I’m wearing them.

Tomorrow will be all on stage running both acts in the morning and then Dress Rehearsing in the afternoon. Gradually, bit by bit we will become aware of “What comes next”.. that is the part of rehearsing that happens last- that awareness of the order. Which song follows which piece of dialogue- at the moment it is a dim recollection.. it will be clearer with every run through! I hope!


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