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Wednesday 1st February

February 1, 2017


Our second show of the week.Outside it is foggy, cold and miserable. I arrived at 1pm to see the coaches lined up outside the Music Hall, with Vincent’s jolly meeters & Greeters helping folk off the coaches and into the warm cosy theatre. That’s where the magic starts. From the moment the coach glides up to the gates it is all fun, laughter followed by a show, a tea, a few drinks and a snooze back on the coach! What a great day out in Silvertown East London!


The Rowdy Schoolroom & Rhys takes a bow!

Both shows went well, and a great response. The sketches are changing. The Pheasant gag begat the Parcel Gag, and tweaks are being made each day to the show until it is truly “up and running”.


Shelby & Lucy as Princess & Prince

I’m just checking my abbreviated wall chart now, before I go on. I’ve listed what follows what and the sequence of gags. Certainly there is nothing like the First Show experience now. We are relaxing in. Settling in is possibly the phrase.

Visiting today (Wednesday) was Jeff Stevenson. Can’t believe it is a year since we saw him here last. A Water Rat, like Paul, Vincent and Andrew, Jeff works all over the world as an entertainer, and is about to set off for The States again this week.



The show is certainly getting tighter, and the changes are now less frantic- still no time to dilly dally as the song goes, but much smoother than a few days ago. I suddenly realised the black cape I wear in my final appearance has made its own appearance at Brick Lane before. A long time before- in the building before this one, in Curtain Row. Here’s a picture taken back then at a Charity Event organised by Vincent. I’m wearing one, and my lovely late partner Peter Robbins is wearing the matching one at The Music Hall. We’re with Danny La Rue and my mate Britt Ekland. Britt now lives full time in LA and has a chat show over there.


Peter Robbins, Danny La Rue, Britt Ekland & me.

This week we have shows through to Saturday with a Lunch show on Thursday and Friday, and an evening on Saturday.

The Finale- Pretty In Pink!


Whatever you do, don’t touch that……….Too late!

Delighted to see that a venue in Brighton has been named after the late, great and fabulous Phil Starr.


The show is directed by Carole Todd, who directed Peter Robbins and myself in many productions of “Cinderella” around the country, and will hopefully raise a lot of cash for the charity, The Sussex Beacon. A great bill!

Phil Starr was the most wonderful and blisteringly funny creations on the British Drag Scene, and starred in a good few Brick Lane Music Hall Pantomimes. I loved seeing him work. A master of comic timing, and a truly lovely man. Much missed in the entertainment world of Brighton he now has a Pavilion named after him. So well deserved!

More reporting from the latter part of the week, with some archive bits and bobs about “Sleeping Beauty” to discover on the way!


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