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Thursday 2nd Feb. Visitors!

February 2, 2017

A lovely sight to behold- we had two visitors today from The Brick Lane Family- Anna Campkin and Stephanie Sen! So lovely to see them in the audience today. Actually I didn’t SEE them, the eye infection I have means no lenses- I can’t see ANYTHING- but I knew they were there!

Here are a couple of pictures from previous productions here at BLMH.The panto shown above was Dick Whittington a couple of years ago with Anna and Spephanie next to Andrew as Pussy Cat!

Here we all are for our first group photo of the current season!


Crowded Green Room and we’re not all there! A short interval visit from the ladies before the second half. They are both currently attending auditions and got the chance to see the Panto this lunchtime show. Delighted to see them again!

Today we had a packed house, as we always do here, and an extra show has been put on, and sold out – this one is on my Birthday in February, so once again I get to spend it treading these boards! Birthdays here that I know about include Danny and Vincent – I’m sure there will be more.


Deadly Nightshade being “Bad” with Sam on the left, Ben on the right and Ellie is somewhere behind my horns!

This week is flying past, and the show is settling in nicely. Every show is different in some ways (Vincent can alter his material to suit the audience of the day, their locale, their group leaders) and the scenes can take on their own rhythm.


“Climb Upon My Knee, Sonny Boy!” Andrew & Vincent in Act Two.

Today the Schoolroom was more unruly than usual and a lot of fun was had on stage and in the audience as a result! there was a lot more falling off the bench than there should have been, and Anne Robinson had her hands full coping with the unruly rabble!

Tom Carradine our Musical Director is an amazing pianist and entertainer. I was applying make up today listening to him amuse himself playing “Back in Nagasaki where the fellers chew tobaccy and the women wicky wacky woo!” at triple speed. Some feat!

Carradine’s Cockney Sing -A -Long was founded in 2014 and he now plays sell out dates in Wilton’s, Brighton, Tunbridge Wells and all over the shop in the Vintage & Cabaret scene. On Tuesday 7th March after the panto run has ended Tom will be appearing in The British Music Hall show held at the CAA at 20 Bedford Street London WC2. He’s produced a CD too- and its a joy to hear him tinkle the old Joanna daily here! Pop along if you fancy a great evening out!


Lucy, Ben, Ellie and Danny.

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