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Sat 18th Feb Birthday Boy!

February 20, 2017


Our Birthday Boy Danny.

Al;ways good to be working on your Birthday- some say it is lucky- so Danny is smiling in his picture above! His place in the dressing room was decked out before he arrived, and Vincent got our Saturday Night audience to sing Happy Birthday as Rhys presented him with his cake and candles! His first Brick Lane Birthday!


I worked out the day Danny was born (In Bradford) I was doing “Cinderella” twice daily at The Grand Theatre, Leeds with Dame Hilda Bracket (Patrick Fyfe) and Windsor Davies and Janet Dibley! We performed until February 26th that year!


The “Pretty In Pink” finale picture

Yesterday we had a Lunchtime Panto, and tonight a Dinner Pantomime. This time next week we will be doing a Brick Lane first for me- TWO shows! Never done that before here (although in my other pantos it’s two every day always!). Next week we have a Gala Show with The Grand Order Of Water Rats joining our Saturday night guests for a special evening. I’m not sure yet how to while away the hours in between the two shows- a good four or five, but I’ll probably get a good book!)


Coming along next week (among other luminaries of Stage & Screen) will be my mate Bobby Crush. He’s coming with my friends Jason and John.Bobby will find our subject very familiar, as he’s recently finished “Sleeping Beauty” in Sunderland with my lovely friend Vicky Entwistle. I last saw Bobby at the Palladium Panto when we went to see “Cinderella” last month.Here’s Bobby and Vicky above.

Tonight’s show was received very well! They were up for a good boo-ing and a good participation from the off! The evening shows always have a different feel from the matinees, and the audiences are small parties that make up one whole party! Sometime our matinee guests can be two large groups, or even one. The make-up can alter the “feel” of the show. Maybe a bit more “Cabaret” in feel? I don’t know!


A very rowdy reception, and we finished at 11.30pm. I was home by midnight with a buttered crumpet and an earl grey. It’s a rock n roll life this adult panto you know!

Next week we have Six performances- Three Lunches, Two Teas, and one Gala Birthday Show celebrating Twenty Five Years of Brick Lane Music Hall. Our busiest week since we opened.

I was looking at various “Sleeping Beauty” posters in my archive, and found a few to share here or versions old and mostly new- Starting with my favourite one at Venue Cymru a few years back with the lovely Vicky Entwistle and John Evans. Here I am doing “The Mirror” routine with John, and arriving in my gorgeous car! I played The Queen in this one.



I loved that car! It isn’t exactlty  MY car, but I like to think we had a great affinity! It actually drives on to the stage, and it is my all time favourite entrance in Pantomime. (and I’ve done forty four of ’em!). There’s Brendan off “Coach Trip” opening the door! I came across MY car this January onstage at The London Palladium when I was doing a “make over”. There it was in the wings on loan to someone called Paul O’Grady as Baroness. Earlier I saw it onstage at the English Nation Opera stage when someone called Glenn Close borrowed it for a small show she did in London.

I believe the very gorgeous Ria Jones may be in to see us at Brick Lane next week- She did her first pantomime with me back in The Grand Pavilion Porthcawl before a career that has taken her into nearly every major west End Musical, and recently to Paris in “42nd Street”. She has graced this beautiful car too when she took over from Miss Close at the Coliseum in “Sunset Boulevard”. Looking forward to seeing this gorgeous lady soon! (Ria, not Glenn!)

Here are some other “Sleeping Beauty” posters & pictures from recent times.

Notice Ria’s brother Ceri DuPree is The Queen in this Qdos Panto.

images2.jpg is2

We return to Brick Lane on Tuesday 22nd February for a Lunchtime Panto.




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