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Feb 28th Birthday Boy!

March 2, 2017

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Always nice to be working on your Birthday! Had a jolly matinee at BLMH with a very lovely bouquet and chocolate cake- plus the audience serenading me with a “Happy Birthday!” in the finale! Thank you everyone!

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Dashed off after the show finished at 5pm for a meal at the Delauney and a cocktail at The Ivy. It’s a tough life some matinee days!

Here’s a blast from the past I found in my drawers yesterday!

Here’s Mr Vincent Hayes carrying his topper on the left and my good self (in a wig honestly!) on the right from about 1983/4. we were touring in “A Christmas Carol”. I’ve not seen this photo in many years!


A quirky sight below the auditorium. The laughs are not JUST on stage!

Wednesday was St David’s Day- Thank you Rhys for the daffodils- Diolch yn Fawr! And we had a lunchtime show packed to the rafters, and having a lot of fun. It was also Ash Wednesday, but no pancakes were tossed in the building that I know of.


A Night out for the cast!

Tomorrow is a tea. I’m looking forward to seeing a small party in from the Kenneth More Theatre, arranged by Alan Hardy. It includes Margaret Brice. Margaret was resident Wardrobe Mistress and maker of fabulous costumes at the KM Theatre for a few decades, and made all the fabulous costumes Peter Robbins and I wore throughout our Ugly Sister years. She will be delighted to see Deadly Nightshade wearing one or two of her original creations tomorrow!


To end with a Birthday- Here’s Keith ‘Appy Hopkins celebrating his 70th Birthday this week! Keith has just retired from playing Dame- him what’s appeared before Royalty in panto on several occasions! It was a swell party! Happy Birthday Keith!


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