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friday 3rd March:Doctor in The House!

March 3, 2017


Nick Bailey, Stevie Metcalf and Hannah Wrye join us for tea!

Yes, we had a Doctor in the House totay- For Eastender Fans it was Dr Anthony Truman. For “DreamGirls” fans it is Marty and in real life it is Nick Bailey! Nick is currenbtly in DreamGirls at The Savoy Theatre, and recently toured with our Hayley-Jo in “Jackie The Musical”. He’s also been seen in many prestigious Shakespearer roles, as well as appearing in “Corrie”, “Holby City” and “Casualty”. Lovely to see him watching the fun this afternoon!

We were delighted to see Stevie Metcalf again. Stevie helped out in creating some wigs for Andrew’s Nanny Fanny during rehearsals, and has had the opportunity to return to see his handywork onstage! Also joining us backstage today was Hannah Wrye, a recent graduate of Mountview Academy Of Arts and a lady with a very lovely voice!


Fanny and some fans!

A packed house today with groups from Crawley, Royal Tonbridge Wells and from Essex. Very jolly and a great reception at the end. It seems incredible that we now only have one day, that’s two shows left. Tomorrow we have a 2pm Tea Time show and a 9pm Dinner Show, then off we go into the cold night air of East London!


Meet Teddy!

Here’s Brick Lane Music Hall’s NEWEST star- Teddy!. Teddy is working flat out in the box office with the bookings that come flooding in, and no bones about it! He’s part Chinese Crested (Danny La Rue’s favourite breed of dog) and half Chiau.. Chuiha… One of them Mexican dogs! Cute isn’t he? He’s currently disguised as a Bee I think.

Tomorrow is last day of school. Anne Robinson returns to the archive, and the jokes to the British Museum. The final BLMH blog tomorrow!

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