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Day Two in The Big Beanstalk House

November 28, 2017

Tuesday 28th November

Today saw the Wardrobe trucks delivered, so the company were able to see Clare Freeman and Lizzy King for fittings. The props are on their way, with rehearsal props delivered to work with during the next week or nine days.

FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender (16)

Clare & Lizzy

Chris began with Act Two today, and plotted and blocked scenes in “Cloudland” and up to the Giant’s Castle by lunchtime.


In the dance studio Katherine continued to set the dance routines with the Ensemble, and Kyle on Sound and Barney on keyboards were with us in the Oak Room to carry On Blocking.

The after lunch session was a complex but pretty awesome piece of actor and digital wizardry. Chris very carefully blocked out the exciting bit of the Panto where we enter the Giant’s castle and kitchen in the hugely impressive 3D sequence. When we are on stage it will appear as if the film and the live action are as one- and it really is a very exciting bit of kit! I can’t wait to see it full size on stage next week.


Had a very swift lunch today as I had a phone call to go through some details for the special bit of news I’ll be revealing this on Friday- well, I think its a bit special!

During the late afternoon we were joined by the Katherine, The Ensemble and The Children from the Jackie Palmer School. We had a meet and Gret with them, and then the company and The Juves went through some musical numbers with Barney and Katherine.

Steve Technical ASM has been sorting props with Laura (ASM Book Cover) and the rest of the props will arrive in the next few days.

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