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Day Three Up The Beanstalk

November 30, 2017


Day Three:

Wednesday 29th November 2017

Chilly start today, definitely a nip in the air on the journey up to Wycombe. Today we started with Act One, running through the blocking from Monday= it comes as a surprise when the seams are joined together, and you realise how quick some of your fifteen changes really are!


Nearly everyone is almost “Off The Book” which is pretty good for day three. We opened the day’s rehearsal with Chris setting “The Twelve Days Of Christmas” routine, which involves Ashleigh, Simon, Chris and myself with the twelve props. It’s a great routine- I think I’ve done it perhaps three or four times over the years, and its a pretty fun way to earn a living in a rehearsal room of a Wednesday Morning.

Ran though the 3D scene again a few times today- so every day we’ll run this and The Twelve Days Of Christmas each and every day to get it to total slickness!

FullSizeRender (20)

Clare and Lizzy carried on with costume fittings during the morning, and we continued to work through Actup to the Growing Of The Beanstalk” one up to lunchtime.

FullSizeRender (21)

Lunch break was spent in the hall- too cold to go out and forage, and a chance to look at some lines. We started the afternoon from the top of Act Two- “Cloudland”, working through up to 4.30pm when once again we were joined by the Ensemble and the Juveniles to go through some more musical numbers and scenes involving the children.

FullSizeRender (24)

Birthday boy today is Ollie- Oliver Hacker  who celebrates his 21st Birthday with his new Panto Family – here he is with the company!

FullSizeRender (25)

We finished off the day with The Twelve Days Of Christmas Routine again, having run through both acts, and there is a feeling of justified achievement there- Thanks to Chris!

Panto IS a family- From Oliver’s 21st spent in Pantoland, to … Well a funny thing happened to me as I arrived at Marylebone Station. Heading for the underground someone grabbed my arm.,,, Spun around to hear “Hello Nige”- it was Brian Conley! Brian is rehearsing for Milton Keynes and was, like me, heading back after a long day. A quick catch up in the station, and I dashed off- what a great family this Panto one is- we all still keep in touch and have joyous catch-ups, and pick it up again a year later. Lovely to see you Bri- Good Luck with Milton Keynes!

A few familiar faces at the Ticket Barrier:

FullSizeRender (18) FullSizeRender (23)

Evening= well, once again spent talking Pantos long ago with Jeanette & Ian Krankie, Ben Nickless, Sherrie Hewson and Andrew Ryan in the local pub. Tears of laughter and again- a demonstration of That Panto Family.

FullSizeRender (19)

Ian, Jeanette, Sherrie, Andrew & Ben



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