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Making An Exhibition of Myself!

November 30, 2017


The Victoria & Albert Museum Case

Thursday 30/11/2017

So- the bit of news I was waiting to publish! Several years ago at the Birmingham Hippodrome Pantomime,  Cathy Haill at The Victoria & Albert Museum asked if Peter (Robbins) and I would be interested in donating our Ballgowns to the Museum. At the time we were busy treading the ballroom treads, and unable to do this.

IMG_4183  IMG_4187FullSizeRender

Fast forward a few years. Peter sadly died in 2009 and eight years have passed. I decided in the Spring to send our gorgeous Ballgowns to the Museum I hold most dear- The Theatre/performing arts section of the V&A is a joy and a pleasure to visit. Pantomime was represented by a Paddy Dickie creation of two Billy Dainty Costumes, and A large headdress belonging to Alan Vickers.


Cathy Haill (front row) with the V&A Theatre & Performing Arts conservation team and curators

I donated the two ballgowns- designed by me and created by Margaret Brice (Margaret made all the costumes for Peter & me) in August and thanks to Cathy they are now on display, possibly for twelve months in the theatre section! To say I am delighted is an understatement!

I was asked to have my photograph taken for the V&A brochure and archive, and I had no idea the emotions that would suddenly hit me as I walked around the corner of the gallery. I so wish that Peter could have been here to see this display! Seeing “The Two Of Us” together in that pose was just so powerful. Twenty-eight near thirty years of Panto Partnership standing there took my breath away.


There will be a set of professional photos from today’s photo session and I’m hoping to publish those shortly.

There we are- if you care to visit I think we’re in our cases for a year. Next to us (from next week) will be Danny La Rue. Dan’s “Aladdin” costume (formerly The Plymouth Pool Of Beauty” costume) will join us in the case along with costumes worn by Clive Rowe in Pantomime. That case has seen Vivienne Leigh, Laurence Olivier, Dame Judy and even Irving! Now a bit of good old fashioned Panto Glitz has filled the case for the year! Thank you Paul Elliott. Thank you Qdos. Thank you Peter.

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