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Friday 1st Dec: Putting It Together!

December 1, 2017

IMG_4197 IMG_4201

The Wycombe Swan has excelled! We are on Vans, Buses, Lift Doors and Ticket Barriers! I look very  fetching on a wheel arch!

Long rehearsal day today, working in the Jackie Palmer Dance Studios and in the Town Hall. Dance and fight scenes this morning- with a fight director brought in to work with Simon and Jo when Fleshcreep takes on Jack Trott.


Simon & Jo checking on lines

We ran the show through for the first time with musical numbers and dances inserted, and ran through the 3D sequence on a bigger screen this afternoon.

During the run through Jamie and John from The Swan’s Marketing team came in to take photographs, and we were joined by the Venue Director, David Mansfield.



Jamie & John

The Under fives will definately recognise someone they know hiding under the table- “Show Me! Show Me”, it’s Chris Jarvis’s Stuffy!

We did well, and got through the entire show with books down and some pretty impressive numbers and routines. We are in a very good place- thanks to Chris. We were joined by the Jackie Palmer children after four o’clock, and added them into scenes.


Our call tomorrow is 10am for another full run through before I return to London, collect my suitcase and return to Wycombe on Sunday ready to be a Wycombe resident for the next four weeks!

IMG_4219 IMG_4212

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