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Sat/Monday 4th: Spilling The Beans!

December 4, 2017


Nigel, Sully, Ashleigh, Barney, Eliza, Puppy Winter and Penny

Here we are beaming up at you from The Oak Room, Wycombe- a plethora of furry friends, and a return of Penny Butler, Ashleigh’s Mum and  a highly skilled dog trainer- and Ashleigh’s Mum. Penny is with us now, as she was last season with her three charges, Sully, Eliza and the cutest Border Collie Puppy called Winter!

Saturday was a good day to run through the show twice, with both sets of juveniles. great atmosphere and a good feeling to the day- we all left at around 3pm and most of us returned home for the day off, or day travelling ahead.

I actually packed next week’s case last week! This means I can relax, and not worry about packing for four weeks. I’ve done and dusted that.

Sunday arrived at Wycombe again late afternoon, and checking into my hotel- my home for the next thirty days! Its really central, so its goodbye to the stress of travelling- I am ten minutes walk from Stage Door!

IMG_4243 (1)

Katherine watches Simon with Olliie and Edis in MooMoo the cow mode!

Monday we ran through the show again, and ran through the sword fight sequence several times- Jo and Simon clash swords at the end of Act Two. I worked on a number with Katherine and Barney MD for an hour, and we were all very delighted to receive our cast members Sully, and Eliza, and to make a big fuss of puppy Winter. For a dog lover like me, it doesnt get better all in a day’s work!


Well actually, it just kept getting better! Chris delivered a basket of goodies created by his partner – a fabulous festive gift for the company of a Dorset Apple cake, Reindeer “Poo” cakes and an amazing chocolate christmas cake. THIS is the way to rehearse!


The juveniles joined us at lunchtime, and we ran through the show with Sully and Eliza doing their spots with Ashleigh.The two dogs not phased by clanging swords, crowds or loud music- they were loving every second of the experience.

IMG_4251 IMG_4253 IMG_4248 IMG_4251

After we finished at five, I took the opportunity to visit my costumes in the corridor of the theatre, awaiting a transfer to the Quick Change area that Qdos Production Manager James Henshaw will be setting up in the wing tomorrow, once the scenery is installed. Both James and Chris (Bomber)Barrett our lighting Designer watched a run through today.

I go way way back with Chris from his early days at The Grand Theatre Swansea- he is resident there, and has been for well over thirty years- Great to catch up today, albeit briefly.

IMG_4245 IMG_4234

Jo Parsons as Fleshcreep-he attempts to kidnap The Princess and Sully.

I found an hour to sort out some costume bits and fix the odd feather on the odd headdress as you do- why Dame Trott doesnt sell a few of her fifteen frocks instead of her lovely Cow I’ll never know, but its not for me to ponder.

Way back in the 1940’s The Legendary Dorothy Ward played Jack. Producer Emile Littler begged her to remove her very expensive jewellery, especially her two diamond rings. “You are a poor farmhand, for goodness sake Dorothy!”…. The next day she appeared with even more glistening baubles on her fingers. “I’m Jack, boys and girls. We are very poor..” She wiggled her fingers.. “But LOOK what a good Fairy gave me!”


The Old Town Hall Wycombe

This is the old Town Hall that is joined to the Swan Theatre, gearing up for Christmas banquets and events. no shortage of chairs in Wycombe.. it was a centre of chair manufacturing after all!

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  1. Rosemary permalink

    Dear Chris and Co, I do believe you all have loads of fun doing these Pantos and it definitely shows when we see the end performance. Love and all the best to you all for the Panto Season. Rosemary xx

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