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Tuesday & Wednesday- Into The Theatre

December 7, 2017


Tuesday & Wednesday Into The Theatre

Tuesday was our last day in The Oak Room in the Wycombe Town Hall- we rehearsed with both sets of Juveniles from  the Jackie Palmer school throughout the day, and ran the 3D sequenc a few times to get it as slick as we can before seeing it on the huge screen tomorrow.


Ashleigh & Penny in The Oak Room.

IMG_4260  IMG_4259

Nine week old puppy Winter, playing with my water bottle!

IMG_4275 IMG_4266

An everyday sight in Pantoland at this time of the year! Ollie & Edis in mid Moo Moo, before changing into A Henchman’s Henchmen, A Butterfly, A Villager, A Guard and about another four costumes. Almost as many as me!

IMG_4264 IMG_9541EDIT IMG_9638EDIT

As Tuesday progressed the scenery and lighting was being sorted out next door at The Swan, and I called in to sort out my skips and boxes, which took me about two hours, aided by Laura Lear and Lizzie King. Lizzie will be dressing me this season, and will be looking after those fifteen changes- its going to be a busy few days up to opening.


Dame Trott is Furious with Jack for bringing home beans!

Big thanks to Venue Director David Mansfield and to Nicola Candlish our Company Manager- Dame Trott is VERY comfortably looked after, and big thanks to James for my bijou and much needed Quick Change area on Stage Left. It is perfect!

IMG_4281 IMG_4279 IMG_4280 IMG_4281

The dressing room : a work in progress!

Wednesday was the start of Tech rehearsals- The cast wear as much costume ashey can, and no make up is required. We slowly and Carefully go through each scene for the crew and for the technical staff and wadrobe and of course, we do every scene involving the children twice, for each team.

Ashleigh and Penny are installed next door to me, and both Sully and Eliza have been practicing on the carpet that they work on, on the stage. Dogs have to have a carpet or else the floor would be too slippery for them, and both dogs had a great time trying out a brand new carpet for this year’s routines.

No photos yet from the Tech- To be honest I’ve done nothing but change costume all day, no time to take a few snaps. Hopefully tomorrow I might get a few moments! For now our rehearsal pics!


We started at 10am and got through to the growing of the Beanstalk by 10pm- virtually all of Act One technically rehearsed with band, sound, lighting, scene changes and costume changes.

Lizzie helped me with eight costume changes up to when we finished tonight- the strip routine went very well , and delighted to do it in one go. The thought of putting it all back on again is not good! The strip lasts one minute and five seconds, involves fourteen items, and four people to pull it off! Well done Team Trott!

We finished at 10pm when I was dressed as a can of beans, about to enter through the ensemble who were dressed as giant Butterflies as Leah sang beautifully in her gorgeous costume and a Beanstalk grew. As I said, an ordinary working day in Pantoland, followed by a much needed drink at the hotel with James, “Bomber”, Simon, Katherine, Chris, Nicola and myself. Then it was time to hastily do this blog and to bed.

Out call is tomorrow (Thursday) at 9.45am in costume for 10am start. Nightie Nightie…..

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