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Final Tech & Dress! Friday.

December 9, 2017


We’ve made it through to the final dress rehearsal! Thursday we had a full day of Technical rehearsals led by James Production Manager, and Chris Director- running the rest of the show with costumes and no make up. Today (Friday) we ran a final Technical- the show from beginning to end (no make up) and , as you can see in the above picture, a full dress rehearsal with make-up to an invited audience of around 100, just to give us a feel for the response and the laughs. We had both in multitudes, so I think Wycombe is in for a real feel-good pantomime!

I am VERY tired tonight- Ive done thirty costume changes today, and as luck would have it, I have a cold, so Im coughing and spluttering backstage- always welcome in a theatre that! Still, we cannot and will not pause, and colds and the such are inconveniences to be dealt with after the show- no time for that stuff and nonsense!

Here are some pictures from the tech, and the “proper” ones from the Dress Run will be put on here as soon as we get them from The Swan.

The outside & the inside of the Quick Change area on stage left

The arrows are important as you dash in from the dark wing to change- Lizzy loading me up with costumes and then unloading me fifteen times. The show is very slick and fast, and the changes are a tad hairy at the moment. Each time we work out ways and means to get this tighter- and already alterations have been made to my “strip” undergarments to speed up getting in to them in a hurry.

FullSizeRender (4) IMG_4303 (1)


Got a very warm reception from our small invited audience tonight, and it really helped to gauge laughs and timing. Chris has tweaked all the way through this rehearsal period- and his experience is so important in knitting together the Fairy Tale with The Love Story with the comedy routines, specialities and of course being onstage himself as Simple Simon!

IMG_4319 FullSizeRender (5)

IMG_4289 FullSizeRender (3)

So- its bed, lemsip and the glamour of theatre. The Hotel drinks after the show have been panto heaven, talking pantos old and older with James, Chris and Bomber from my home town theatre, Swansea Grand. Tonight delighted to be joined by a friend of mine and Chris’s- (Dr) Chris Abbott, an expert in pantomime, and Matcham the Theatre Designer. He was in the audience.

Forty Seven years ago I put Chris in his first pantomime when we toured a panto “Dick Whittington” from our Teacher Training College in Carmarthen- I directed it, and it was an early adventure in Pantoland for us both!

Tomorrow at 2pm we open!

  1. Rosemary permalink

    You just don’t realize how much work goes into these productions before the public see them!! Well done all of you. Rosemary! x

  2. Suzy permalink

    Saw the panto tonight… you’re all fabulous! Great fun! Incredible costumes and lightning quick changes… impressive! Chuck some whisky in the lemsip to see you through 🥃

  3. Chris A. permalink

    Was it really 47 years ago? Suppose it must be, but seems like yesterday. I greatly enjoyed the show – hope you are soon recovered.

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