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The Panto Opens!

December 10, 2017


Opening Show!

What a great day in Pantoland! After the past two weeks of rehearsals and the calls , we are at the point of no return. It is Opening Day!

The atmosphere backstage in any theatre on Opening day is electric. Its not a loud showbizzy bustling mood, it is much calmer.. much quieter, and quietly electric.

Just a few really short calls for tightening up scenes with Chris, and reminding ourselves where the laughs will come so we don’t trample them- and then it was the dropping cards off and filling the fridge with Prosecco, rose and the obligatory nuts for the dressing room soiree at the end of a long day!

images  IMG_4334

My day started with Lizzy from wardrobe assisting me to clamber ontop of Qdos crates to reach my skips, and to locate a carrier bag full of “used” eyelashes! Lee Redwood & I were facing the same Eyleash-gate dilemma. The company we’ve used went bust a few years back, and those great sturdy plastic lashes were no more. We located a new supply, but they are falling apart as you attempt to peel them off the packaging! The old ones are being recycled!


Im still in the throes of a cold, now past the hacking stage and on the nose running stage, always a joy with make-up! I’m turning the croaky voice into a new way of playing Dame Trott! Hopefully within a few days it will go away and not return! It does mean that between shows are now sacred furry rug and duvet two hour sleeps tho! I lie on my back so as not to disturb the make up and the precious eyelashes, looking for all the world like Dracula about to be revived!

We opened to a great matinee performance, loads of children in the audience and a great reception. You really cant describe the relief when you hear the reaction, and after two weeks of a rehearsal room with everyone hearing your gags over and over, it is such a relief to hear the laughter!


Show went so well- all thanks to Chris, To Katherine and to James and Bomber for creating this slick two hour panto that was so well received! Thank you SO much guys!

IMG_4347 IMG_4345


I was out cold from 4pm to 6pm- this cold knocks the stuffing out of you, and you have to have energy to make a panto work- so this was Duracel recharging time. I am so lucky that I don’t need a rider in my contract that says I must have chocolates, Mince pies and a puppy in my room- as I have them all! Gorgeous Winter the puppy was guest of honour at the after show soiree in Dressing Room A at the Swan- in full Santa regalia!

IMG_4336 IMG_4341


IMG_4344 IMG_4346

I speak the truth when I say we are truly blessed with a great cast, company & crew here in “Jack & The Beanstalk”- and A great fun panto!

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