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Snow time & Show Time!

December 11, 2017

IMG_4353 IMG_4352

The view from my window early Sunday morning- not just here but in many parts of the country. Those flakes of snow soon bring chaos to roads, halt the Chilterns railway, and make it very difficult for the audiences, the cast and the crew to get in to work.

I’m very fortunate, being a ten minute walk through a covered shopping mall from the Swan Theatre, but even those like Ashleigh and Penny staying here had trouble as cars were sliding down hills and in Jo Parsons’s case, abandoned cars blocking his apartment garage doors.

Several cancellations in pantoland today sadly, and a few very surprised under-studies around the country going on a few days after opening night! I know of at least two frightened fairies in the UK and a devestated demon!


Sully has a selfie!

Fortunately here at The Swan Wycombe we were able to go ahead. A few folk were arriving just on the “half Hour Call”, but nothing to worry about. Sadly not the same could be said for the audiences, and instead of the booked 900 this afternoon we played to about 300, and less in the evening as folk who had booked were unable to get in with icy roads.

Pity the theatres relying on Schools matinees today (Monday) as a thousand schools shut around the UK today- schools matinees would mean empty houses in those areas. Facebook had a request from Telford – their schools were closed but they planned to go ahead with the schools matinees, asking folk who wanted to come along to see it for free or a small charity donation- I think that shows huge spirit!

Both shows were very jolly, small audience or not they had struggled through ice and snow to see us, so we gave it the full monty! Second show was signed as well, which was lovely to see. I’d be lying if i said it wasnt a struggle by second show- tiredness and the stinking cold shoved to the background until the curtain falls, and then some folk returning home (early calls on Tuesday) and me dragging my sniffling nose running croacking carcass back to the hotel where I will stay in bed most of tomorrow, and beat this by press night Tuesday.

Lots of production photos available after tomorrow- I can’t publish them until then.

In the meantime here are a few from Nottingham Royal and the panto wot I costumed at the KM Theatre, Ilford. More in The Green Room today.


Beauty & The Beast Finale Royal Nottingham

IMG_4366 IMG_4363

More Beauty & The Beast pictures in The Green Room.

IMG_4381 (1)

Peter Pan at The KM Theatre Ilford 

Right. Back to bed!


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