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Press Night in Pantoland!

December 13, 2017


Two shows today, and thankfully no new snow. Sadly some schools are still closed, and so we were missing a large school party in the matinee- but the one that filled the circle made up for it in noise and excitement and energy! The sound levels of hyped up kids in the 3D sequence proved that!


First show i had a slight wardrobe malfunction as I was about to enter – my crinoline (or hoop, if you are not familiar!) fell off. My entrance music was playing so I stepped out of it and sailed on regardless! It is probably good luck, like tripping on stage is supposed to be!

The matinee was loud and fun, sadly I couldn’t pick on the teachers who brought the huge school party- they were too far away in the circle to see, but we knew they were having a great time!


Quiet time between shows- I stay in, it is far too cold out there to roam around Wycombe- and a chance to eat and have a nap before the next one. There are actually three hours between shows, so mostly everyone goes out to eat. I hear the odd “woof” from next door when Sully and Co arrive back, and know its time to reapply the make-up.


Press night was good fun. We had a full and “up for it” crowd in, and a fantastic reaction to the show- the “Twelve Days” routine was especially fun due to the children who stood at the front of the stage waiting to be soaked by a super scoosher water pistol! They really loved every second of being a PART of the action, and Ashleigh told me that that, for her, was the best part of her job. I agree- it was pretty magical to see the participation effect!


The Swan threw us a drinks “Do” afterwards in the Circle Bar. I was delighted to see Chris had brought his guests John (not the comedian!)and Kevin Bishop along.Both John and Kevin are responsible for many television productions, and producing The Children’s Royal Variety Show over the years.  Kevin was a great mate of Peter Robbins, and we worked out over the years he had seen us play “Sisters” at Birmingham Hippodrome and Leeds Grand among others- lovely to catch up again last night.

A great night- I believe some carried on to a kareoke bar, but my singing days are done, and I headed through the crunchy streets to lemsip land!


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