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Relaxed Performance Day!

December 14, 2017


Today we had a very special performance- A relaxed performance. If you aren’t familiar with the term, it is a show where the theatre hosts a panto performance that means it is a safe comfortable and non threatening enviroment for very young children, or children who have autism or other reasons for not wishing to see the show in an enclosed and darkened auditorium.


We do the show without the loudsound effects and dramatic lighting effects. The auditorium is lit with house lights at half, and the doors to the auditorium are open, and brightly lit, so at no time is there a feeling of being in an enviroment that is out of your control. The sounds are muted, the band is muted and nothing is thrown into the audience, and we dont go into the auditorium.

IMG_0810EDIT IMG_0806EDIT IMG_1133EDIT.jpg

Chris, loved by children everywhere for his cbeebies programmes, introduced the relaxed performance from the stage, telling the audience that it was open to come in and out, and that you need not wear your 3D glasses or watch the filmed sequence if you didnt want to. We were off to a rousing start with several schools joining in the fun to a packed house!


It was a glorious fun show, and we all enjoyed this opportunity to share panto with children who might otherwise not wish to attend. It was a great pleasure.

The evening before we were relaxed after the show- we had our Press Night Party in the circle bar. Here are some shots of the evening, when thanks to the Wycombe Swan we had a great night, and were looked after royally!


IMG_4396 (1) IMG_4407 IMG_4404




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