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Panto Dining!

December 17, 2017


Two shows every day, and all going very well indeed. as a rule most panto folk go out between shows and grab a bite here and there in the town. I’ve always stayed in between shows, as I can’t be bothered to take the face off, and so I have a sandwich and a nap.

Not today! Thanks to the generosity of David Mansfield Theatre Director and his amazing staff, my floor was invited to partake the Swan Christmas Dinner experience in the Dressing room next door to me- so Ashleigh, Penny, Chris and Simon joined me for a festive between shows dinner! All set up like magic as we finished the matinee!

IMG_4517 IMG_4520

What a really thoughtful gesture- Thank you David! Some of the cracker jokes might be making their way into the script tomorrow!

Between shows we ventured out into the Auditorium to meet up with some of the handlers and the dogs from the Hearing Dogs Charity. We met Taz and Penny the dog, and very lovely they were too!

FullSizeRender (3)

It has been a jolly time in pantoland. Lots of visitors including Margaret Brice and Alan Hardy from Ilford- Margaret created the costumes for Peter Robbins and me for the twenty-eight years we played “Sister”, and Im wearing a good few of her creations today. The two currently on display at the Victoria & Albert Museum are made by Margaret.


Chris and I headed off to Lacey Green yesterday after the show to a Christmas party hosted by Lara O’Connor. Lara was head of marketing for E&B Productions before it became Qdos, and worked with our mutual friend Laura Taylor. Lara was originally from Cardiff and although we worked together at E&B in the eighties, we both realised she first saw me in a production of”Sir Gawain & The Green Knight” at The Sherman Theatre Cardiff when she was six or seven! Spooky eh? We go way way back!


(Dr) Lara O’Connor & Me

so it has been a very jolly week with great houses, great reviews and a very warm reception all round. The streets are heaving with shppers and the schools are about to break up for the holiday. It is batten down the hatches time and prepare for fourteen more shows before Christmas!


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