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Run Up to Christmas

December 19, 2017


Here we are in the run up to Christmas. Schools have broken up,  or are about to , and the shops are crowded and blasting out “Rocking around The Christmas Tree” at full volume. I feel for those who work in stores having to listen to the same christmassy tracks over and over again!


Dame Trott should sell a few frocks and keep the cow!

The panto throat and cold symptoms are still lurking around the building. Ashleigh is suffering, but battling on regardless. Im feeling so much better having got rid of mine- it is an inconvenience you could well do without, Inevitably sleeping as much as possible before, and inbetween and after a show speeds recovery.


I had a visit from three lovely ladies, Norrie and Frances and Louise. The two ladies won a competition last year to attend the Palladium panto, get a make-over by yours truly, and appear as Ugly Sisters onstage between shows for a photo shoot. They live nearby and came along to the show. Delightful to say “hello” again.

Visits this week from Jake Hind from Qdos, in to see Sunday’s second show. He’d just been to Bromley in the afternoon. Michael Harrison, Nick Thomas and Jonathan Kiley are currently touring the UK to see their productions- Im hoping Mark Sherwood from Qdos will be a Wycombe visitor this year for our annual mince pie and cuppa.


A short break between shows, just enough time for a very brief nap, then the Sunday 5.30pm show and a glorious day off, which I am spending mostly lying in a heap and possibly spending an hour around the shops. It is Steve’s ASM’s birthday tomorrow, so im sure there will be a celebration. For now, it is a Monday off and the two a day Christmas week ahead!



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