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A Blue Night Out!

December 20, 2017


Great way to start the day! Ashleigh & Winter drop in to the Dressing room 

Another two show day, with great houses and still a few large school parties in. Ashleigh’s voice is back and we are all perky after the much needed day off- Sully had a spring in his step in his routines today, and when I take him offstage at one point almost dragged me offstage in his haste to get a treat from Penny in the wings!


Shopping in cloudland- not poundland!

Managed a nap and the lavish cuppasoup between shows as usual- furry rug and duvet laid out on the dressing room floor- you’ll find variations all over the country in Pantoland- that quiet time is essential as one approaches thirty…..(cough!)


Leah and Simon enter the Giant’s Castle

Simon very kindly hosted an after show party at a local hostelery- a chance to wear something other than jeans (or in my case sequins) and enjoy a get together with the band, crew, cast, and full company for an hour or two. Here are a few pictures of our night out courtesy of Mr Webbe- Chris Jarvis & I left after the first pub, and I will doubtless here about their next pub/club when I get into the theatre later! I’m sure it was all very civilised and jolly! I was happy to have a couple of drinks and head for my bed, and it was a great evening with jolly people!


IMG_4527 IMG_4534

IMG_4540 IMG_4533

IMG_4538 IMG_4537


Hre’s to two more packed houses tomorrow, and a visit to the local hospital Children’s Ward in between shows.


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