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Backstage Peeps!

December 21, 2017


I’m not really spilling the beans about life backstage.!

John Carter Webb has been photographing us from a backstage perspective, so I’ll be adding his very fine photos to this blog as I receive them. Sometimes the “Off Guard” pictures are the best- see what you think over the next few days.

Today (Wednesday) we visited the Wycombe Hospital between shows- Simon, Joe, Leah, Ashleigh, Chris and myself, accompanied by Josh, Jamie and John from the Swan.It is a great pleasure to visit the childrens ward, and bring a bit of Panto silliness to the wards at this time of year. Fortunately the wards were quiet, as you hope most of the children will be at home for Christmas week.



Moo Moo the Cow was exiting Stage Right today. The floor was a swirling sea of dry ice and the vision inside a panto Cow is virtually zero- Which is how Moo Moo ended up walking onto the fore stage and not vanishing into the wing! One trapped Cow versus a Villain who is outlining his dastardly plans to fool Jack and steal the Cow in earshot of said Cow! The Villain gamely berated The Cow “What are you doing here? this scene is all about ME!”, and suggested the Cow get a Sat-Nav on taking it off stage. Best Ad Lib from Joe, and a huge reaction from the audience!


A great two shows and well received again. A bite to eat afterwards then back for an early night.

Today Cathy Haille from the V&A Museum sent me a link to the blog within the V&A Online journal about the costumes “Dames On Display” currently at the V&A. Fans of Danny La Rue will be delighted to see photos of the “Aladdin” costume if you follow this link to the item.

Two designs I donated to the V&A as seen in the V&A Blog by Catherine Haille.


Here’s an extract from the V&A Blog:

Just a month before the death of Danny La Rue in May 2009 another seasoned pantomime performer, Peter Robbins also died, at the early age of fifty-six. Since his first appearance as an Ugly Sister in Cinderella with Nigel Ellacott at the Kenneth More Theatre, Ilford, when they found they had a huge rapport working together, Peter and Nigel  established themselves as specialist Ugly Sisters, building up an extensive wardrobe of costumes, wigs and props designed by Nigel. Peter and Nigel were hugely entertaining and professional, and by 1983 were employed by Paul Elliot as the Ugly Sisters in Cinderella. They remained as Ugly Sisters with E&B and Qdos productions of Cinderella for the next twenty-six years, performing in twenty-eight pantomimes throughout the UK, constantly reinventing their characters whilst keeping alive some of the most loved Ugly Sister routines. They followed in a tradition of other actors who had specialised as duos performing Ugly Sisters, including Burdon and Moran, the illusionists Charles Burdon and Maurice Moran, and Alvis and O’Dell – Roy Alvis and Danny O’Dell who worked as Sisters in the 1970s and 1980s

The pictures of Danny’s costume with Annie Galbraithe at the V&A can be found by following the link:

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