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Penultimate Panto!

December 31, 2017


Two shows today and sadly, only two shows left. This Panto run of just over forty performances will be done and dusted by 7.30pm tomorrow, New Year’s Eve!

IMG_4632 IMG_4627

Sam, Nigel & Dan with Clare and Lizzy

The shows were great today with our customary High Energy. We had visits backstage from Qdos’s Adrian LeSurf and Mark Sherwood, and I enjoyed a very jolly “between Shows” chat with Terry Powell in the dressing room, talking all things Panto.

IMG_0806EDIT IMG_0618EDIT IMG_0980EDIT.jpg

Everyone had a great time at the party and apparently a club later, and it is with great sadness that bit by bit the dressing rooms are getting bare, as folk take stuff back with them ready for tomorrow’s big pack.

I’ve stripped my room to the bare minimum, and the skips and boxes and rail are ready for the full pack during the second show tomorrow.



Sad news that Swansea Panto had to cancel two shows today, due to some flooding that affected the orchestra pit and stage. Hopefully all will be sorted by tomorrow. I told my Brother this news. He recalled when he was House Manager over forty five years ago a similar event at Swansea Grand, and veteran Dame Billy Wells had his costumes soaked.


So tomorrow will be a whirlwind of packing and then, like Cinderella’s coach, the magic stops at 7.30pm. I will miss my mates in pantoland- the interval get-togethers, the drinks after the show and playing with Sully, Eliza and Winter in my dressing room for the odd “mad Half Hour”! Mostly, I will miss this gorgeous cast crew and show.


Ashleigh is off to work with Animals in South Africa, Simon heads off abroad for work, Chris to the sunshine and Im off to spend a week in Nottingham with Andrew Ryan, Sherrie Hewson and Ben Nickless having a busmans panto holiday before I start my next venture- Brick Lane’s “Aladdin”- The Grown Ups Version!

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