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The Final Show! Farewell!

January 1, 2018


With The Jackie Palmer Blue Team

Hard to believe, but today was our final show. The time has flown, and the energy never flagged right up to the end. We all agreed we could do another two weeks with ease!


The Blue Team getting ready for the final two performances.

Visitors today included Laura Barrocliff and her daughter, Georgia. Laura was marketing at E&B Pantomimes with Lara O’Connor, and is now with Imagine Theatre – so lovely to have met up with both Laura and Lara from the Paul Elliott days here at The Swan, Wycombe!



The day flew by, as last days always do. A final game of tuggy with Sully and Winter, a last interval chat with the “Interval” clan in Dressing Room A, and a flurry of pre-packing ready for the last show.


What a lot of lovely memories!

Delighted to see my Brother Vivyan, Owen Smith and Isobel Hurll at the last show, and to get a lift back to East London via the crowded streets of London- everyone queuing on the bridges to watch the fireworks due at midnight along the Thames.

swanicecreampic icecreamimage2

I Scream For Ice Cream!

The last show was suberb, with a hugely appreciate audience. Lizzy, Clare and Phil helped pack up my costumes, Ice cream cone and Baked Bean Can as we went, so that by the final curtain everything was packed and ready. The set stood quiet, awaiting a get-out on Tuesday. Always sad to see a finale set unlit and empty!


We mostly all said our goodbyes during the interval, as everyone dashes off as soon as the curtain falls, and heads for parties, or long journeys home. In a day Ashleigh will be on a plane for South Africa, and warm weather, helping out with animals on a reserve. Lizzy leaves me and the joys of our tiny Quick Change room and takes over at Wimbledon pantomime for the next two weeks. I have two weeks before starting “Aladdin” rehearsals for Brick Lane Music Hall- that takes me to March 9th or later!


Farewell from The Wycombe Swan!

Here we all are in the final interval. It has really been a joy. We’ve all got on like houses on fire, and enjoyed performing together and enjoying the odd night out together over the past four/five weeks. A finer Crew you couldnt not wish to work with, superb Qdos Stage Management and Wardrobe team, and a very lovely staff here at the Swan from Stage Door to Marketing, Box Office and Front Of House. A very big thank you from all of us to Nicola,and her team, Barney & his band, and especially to Katherine for choreography- and the biggest thank you to Chris Jarvis- for a fantastic show!

Thank you all for a lovely “Jack and The Beanstalk” at The Wycombe Swan! Goodbye from all of us. Hope you enjoyed the blog- let me know if you did!

Watch This Space for the Brick Lane Music Hall Blog coming shortly!


  1. Luke permalink

    Nigel I love reading your dairys every year and sad it finished x

  2. Terry Powell permalink

    Yes, thanks Nigel for all your jottings and finding the time to post them.

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