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Aladdin- Brick Lane 2018

January 16, 2018



Tuesday 16th January 2018

Welcome back to the world of  Grown Ups Pantomime!

Once again, Ladies and Gentlemen (as they say in The Good Old Days repeated on BBC4 now and then) we return to this sumptuous palace of varieties in East London’s Silvertown, on The North Woolwich Road for a journey into Pantoland that extends to March 3rd and, possibly beyond!

At this moment in time the Adult Pantomime “Aladdin” is all but totally sold out. By the end of this week I believe there will be nothing left for Matinee tea panto, for Panto Lunches and for the Evening shows. It is a tribute to Vincent Hayes and his hard working staff and cast that this show has added extra dates, and they have sold out!


David Phipps-Davis, Nigel Ellacott, Andrew Robley & Vincent Hayes

I will be keeping my eye on any additional shows that might mean there is room for fun and frolics in Old Peking, but in the meantime I will be keeping my blog going at least twice a week right through until we close.


ALADDIN – Meet The Cast!

The show opens on Wednesday the  24th January, running through to March 3rd,  mostly one show a day with the odd two performances on Saturdays in March.

For those new to the BLMH Blog , I will be reporting news and taking pictures backstage, adding production photos from this gem of a building, and also adding some Music Hall articles as we go along. This is my fifth year here at Brick Lane- with a “Dick Whittington”, A “Babes In The Wood” and a “Jack and The Beanstalk” and a  “Sleeping Beauty” under my belt.

For newcomers to the Blog- yes, Brick Lane Music Hall is NOT in Brick Lane- it is the third creation of Vincent Hayes since his first two buildings in Brick Lane itself, and then nearby Curtain Row presented Pantomimes after Christmas, thus allowing those of us in a panto to finish, draw a deep breath, and start another one!


Paul James & David Phipps-Davis

Rehearsals begin today: Tuesday 16th January. The assembled cast as follows!

Aladdin is played in true traditional style by Lucy Reed as Principal Boy, with The Widow Twankey played by Andrew Robley.

Wishee Washee is Vincent Hayes, joined as usual by Paul James as The Emperor and Abanazar is played by David Phipps-Davis making his debut appearance here.

Shelby Morgan is Principal Girl- The Princess So-Shy, with The Genie played by Ben Goffe. The Villagers and our talented ensemble are Sam Sadler, Jordan Langford and Nathan Lodge. I-Nigel Ellacott– will be giving my Slave Of The Ring this year, with all the double entendres that goes with it!


Co-ordinating all of this will be BLMH Manager and production desaigner Zara Kattan putting together rehearsal schedules, costumes, costume fitting and properties over this coming week, aided in the costume front by Frank Kershaw, who will be making and fitting during the week.

My costumes I have brough with me- And the make-up and wigs and shoes I brought with me from the last night at High Wycombe. My costumes are with Qdos at the moment, and they will be returning to Ilford along with Andrew Ryan’s costumes in a week or so. I brought everything I needed, and I’ll bring them here on Friday. We dress rehearse next Tuesday.

118 116

My costumes awaiting additions!

During this blog I’ll get the chance to introduce everyone here at BLMH over the next few weeks, and also feature some of our visitors at the same time! Rehearsals today began for the Singers and the ensemble joining our Music Director Tom Carradine and Martin Layzelle at 10am, with the rest of us joining at 10.30 for a cup of tea, a quick catch up on what’s been happening in pantoland and in Music Hall Land before a read through of the script at 11am.


Scenic artist Chris Floyd worked with his assistants transforming the stage into Old Peking, and props started appearing along with some of the finale costumes. Anthony Friggens– in charge of sound and lighting checked out lighting and scenery ready for spending the rest of the week focussing the  rather sophisticated LED lighting array.He will be joined by designer Kevin Roach later in the week.

All of us sat around one of the vast tables in the Music Hall auditorium, and went throughg  a script that is never “set in stone”. Over the next few hours and days and even weeks it will evolve, it will enlarge, it will be cut and it will be honed to fit the individual talents and the style of this very unique place of entertainment. More of a think tank than a rehearsal at times!

Aladdin - Barnstaple

A peek preview of David as Abanazar

While we worked on script bits in the auditorium, Tom and  Martin ran through numbers in the Green Room , followed by the Long table with lunch as supplied by Brick Lane’s chef, Saleem- aways a highlight!


Tom and the boys in The Green Room

Short afternoon for me, as it was a  music call, and I have only one shared number to worry about, so not long after Iunch I was headed for the Docklands Light Railway, heading home.

Call tomorrow is at 10.30 for music and the start of the blocking of scenes.



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