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Aladdin: Monday 22nd

January 22, 2018

032 019

The “Books down” day! Usually in a two week panto rehearsal the books are down by the Friday- we’ve had four days, so its good to be ahead of the game! Saturday was a rehearsal for musical numbers- and being a Music Hall there are a lot, and today is our day for going through the show incorporating these numbers and finalising the comedy spots while running through the script.


The Theatre is a hive of activity.On stage the showis being rehearsed, or a music number is being honed. At the back of the auditorium today we were joined by Musical Director (and regular Hackney Empire MD for Panto) Mark Dickman. He arrived to programme the keyboards with the orchestrations and things I barely understand!


Mark (Left) with Martin.

Meanwhile Stevie Metcalf is in the middle of the auditorium dressing wigs and generally glitzing up the headdresses, while Zara keeps an eye on the rehearsal and script changes, having sorted costumes (and there are many of them) into dressing rooms, and props which are now piling up on the tables.

026 018

David & Paul and Stevie Metcalf

When not on stage people are in corners running lines, Anthony is sorting sound and lights. We have now been joined by Lighting Designer Kevin Roach on his annual panto visit to brighten the show in a big way!


Kevin Roach

Frank has left, the costumes all complete, and Tom and Martin worked on the music while Chris and his assistants finished the last pieces of set in the auditorium.

You can see that every available space is being used in the giant jigsaw that is to become a show. That is what a panto is- lots of different pieces, worked on by different people- and on Technical and Dress rehearsal those pieces get slotted together. Its the way it has always been done!

034 016

I’ve got my costumes, wigs and make-up sorted, so I’m ready for the off, and once I’ve run through “The Old Bazaar In Cairo” a few more times, I’ll feel a bit more confident!

Today we ran the entire show, stopping for bits that needed working on, or numbers that needed to be worked on. The routines like “The Not Here”, “The Balloon Ballet” and “The Busy Bee” and “The Screen Routine” (New to me too!) are all slotted in to this jigsaw we call Panto.

040 038 036

The Balloon Ballet – it looks better with tutus.. and balloons!

So we have a show- what we don’t have yet is a running time. In Brick Lane we usually aim for around One Hour First Half, and then a shorter second act. On an afternoon tea show we have a one hour break between Act One and Act Two, for a lunchtime show the interval is Half an hour, and about the same for the Evening Dinner Shows. we’ll have a better idea of the running times tomorrow, and see if Vincent and Zara will be getting out the scissors!


we finished at around five fifteen- and our call tomorrow is 10.30am.




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