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Opening Day! Wednesday 24th Jan

January 24, 2018

IMG_4952 IMG_4946

Nigel & Sam and in the dressing room with David, Nigel and Andrew

Another Openin’, Another Show! This time after a Technical rehearsal yesterday, we did a full dress rehearsal this morning, starting at 10.30am.


In such a small space it is truly remarkable how so many people can do so many costume changes and exits and entrances and manage not to collide! A testimony to the discipline backstage I reckon, and to Zara co-ordinating everything like a chess game!

IMG_4927 IMG_4948

Every nook and cranny  (or Crook and Nanny as we used to say in “Babes In The Wood”) is filled- treasure chests and house themed costumes fill the office corridor. Giant Tutus fill the space above our heads, while every item of furniture from Piano to chair are used to pre-set costume changes. Two dressing rooms. Eleven performers, three musicians and today four technical people, all moving through the space once used by a vicar and the odd curate!

IMG_4950 IMG_4907

Yesterday we ran through the show with all the musical numbers and some lighting effects added. Today we added full costumes, full lighting and we didn’t stop. The jigsaw effect I wrote about yesterday came to fruition- the pieces are in place, all we need now is- the biggest piece. The Audience!

HRDME6593 WLYC8642

Some photos from yesterday’s Technical Rehearsal

IMG_4909 IMG_4911

IMG_4912 IMG_4941

Today we finished the Dress Rehearsal at around 12.45pm, then started the make-up process- I was trying out something different to Dame today, so mine took longer than I’d normally take. The Slave Of The Ring has more glitter and a different shaped eye area, so once that is settled, it should only take me about twenty minutes start to finish.


We went up at 2pm to a full house- packed to the very sides and back of the auditorium, and played to a VERY perky audience- great response, at one point in The Busy Bee Andrew and I were behind the cloth listening to shrieking and that wonderful “Whooping” you only get with a variety show or a pantomime matinee!

IMG_4922 IMG_4937

First half an hour then the interval where the audience (and the company backstage!) tuck into the cream tea, then resume Act Two at 4pm. We finished around 5pm give or take.

From my point of view I was delighted to get all the lines out and in the right order- get some good laughs on the gags and each costume change- a luxury total of four (after the fifteen a show throughout December that is like a holiday!) completed. All in all we all deserved to feel pretty good about today’s First Performance.



Hoping to have some Front Of House production pictures to share soon. Joanne Hayes was in today- lovely to see her again, and she took some great backstage and a few FOH pictures. As we progress I’m hoping to introduce the company individually, and share a few backstage pics here and there! Stay with me on this blog for twice weekly updates and a few celebrity surprises when our mates pop in to see the show!


David Phipps Davis- as Abanazar!





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