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Allo Allo- It’s Panto!

January 27, 2018


Our first Evening show of the run, joined by the lovely Vicki Michelle, Her Husband Graham Fowler and two of her three siblings!

We’ve got through week one with Two Afternoon Tea shows, and tonight’s Evening Show with Dinner, which starts at 9pm, coming down at around Eleven Thirty. The show has had a few tweaks here and there- no major cuts, only small trims. I’ve slightly altered my “Business” as Slave Of The Ring- it’s a subtle change, but it works better and I’m happy with it.

SONY DSC  SONY DSCBackstage is still pretty fast and furious- Andrew changing frequently and for short periods as Widow Twankey, With Sam, Jordan and Nathan changing almost as many times. We might need traffic lights installed at this rate!. Zara and Lucy co-ordinate this maelstrom of costumic activity, and the audiences reactions are the reward as each new costume makes an appearance.

IMG_4971 (2)

Lucy As Principal Boy

Tonight (Friday’s) show had an extra zing that an evening performance brings, and the audience were “up for it” all the way. They have fun and we have fun I guess, that’s the best way to put it! From the Dinner, the first half, the topping up of wine in the Interval and the singalong finale, it all powered along until half eleven.


Andrew Ryan, Graham Fowler, Nigel, Vicki, Andrew & Vincent

Popped front of house at the end to join Vicki and Graham (Vicki had called around in the Interval as well) and joined up with Andrew Ryanfor a Dame Fest at the bar! Andrew (Ryan) had just returned from the Palace Westcliff- he’s in “Mindgames” by Anthony Horowitz this week, part of his tour.

IMG_4980 IMG_5008

IMG_4978 IMG_4972 (2)

Tomorrow is also an evening show- we arrived around 8pm for the curtain to rise in Peking at 9pm. The guests are already dining by the time we arrive, and once the tables are clear, off we go. It was lovely to see Vicki tonight- she’s currently in Channel 5’s “Costa Del Celebrity” alongside Anne Diamond, Ainsley Harriott, Christine Hamilton and Nick Owen. – Fond memories of working with Nick in “The Krankies” TV series on the racetrack at Carlisle!

IMG_5010 (2)

Celebrities In Spain!

IMG_4976 IMG_4979

Vicki has just finished Panto at Northwich- As Slave of The Lamp- I have a Sister Slave in tonight! For more info look at

IMG_5011 (2)

Vicki in Panto this season

For tonight, it’s midnight and the Magic Lamp can go back in the cave until 9pm tomorrow!

One Comment
  1. Rosemary Potten permalink

    We were there on Friday and, as always, had a brilliant time. Laughed so much my face ached and are already booked for next year.
    Thank you to everyone at Brick Lane. xxx

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