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Brick Lane Blitz!

February 12, 2018


A day off today- Just as well as London City Airport and its neighbouring areas were closed today. A 500kg World War Two Bomb was discovered during development works, with the Met Police closing the area, and the disruption to 16,000 passangers.


The Royal Navy at The Scene

It is a reminder of the Wartime Blitz that fell on Silvertown during the 1940’s. The Church of St. Marks- Now the home of Brick Lane Music Hall suffered when the rectory next door, belonging to The Reverend Stevens was destroyed. On its website there are photographs of the allotments grown on the bombed site in the 1950’s.



From Brick Lane’s website- photographs show the Reverend Stevens in an underground shelter with some of his parishioners.

This part of London, The Docks suffered months of bombing raids, and an incredible amount of damage. Today’s discovery is a reminder of that past.

Hopefully by tomorrow (Tuesday) The Royal Navy will have safely removed the device, and once again we will open our doors to a Tuesday Tea Time Panto. I’m sure, Like the famous Windmill Theatre in Soho, we too Will Never Close!



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