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Friday 2nd March. Let It Snow!

March 2, 2018

IMG_5315 IMG_5313

It has snowed and arctic winds have blown, and the Brick Lane Music Hall has continued to welcome our audiences all week. One or two fell by the wayside so to speak- the odd party from Snowbound Kent have not made it, but on the whole we’ve struggled through!


Today (Friday) was an example of the Music Hall spirit of team spirit. Poor David was stranded on a non moving train, and had signalled that he would be delayed. Our audience was delayed, but we had a quick conflab in the dressing rooms, and I played the role of Slave of The Ring and, I suppose, Abanazar my Master until the interval, by combining parts and announcing Abanazar was stranded on the platform at Gravesend Railway Station!

A group effort- Lucy gamely sang both parts of a duet, Rhys was a disembodied voice in the cave and Andrew and I did a custom job on dialoge until David flew in, arctic winds behind him in the Interval.

Great fun for a very jolly audience and a good example of team effort! Hoorah!




This week saw Shelby and I representing The Welsh side of BLMH, and daffodils and welshcakes featured in our backstage day on March 1st- St David’s Day.



Da Iown! St David’s Day at Brick Lane!

Matt Pallant played keyboards for the last time on this panto on Wednesday- He has been dep for both Martin and for Tom during this run. We waved him goodbye as he set off in the snow down the North Woolwich Road.


This week saw My Birthday on Thursday and Vincent’s Birthday on Friday. A jolly thing to be working on your Birthday I always think. Great to meet up with some chums afterwards for drinks, and seeing friends who braved some dreadful weather to get there!

KTHK9423 EBON5128 MILF6662 VYXW8695

My Birthday Drinks


Vincent’s Birthday Surprise in the Finale

It is all but over. Only two performances remain- A show tomorrow (Saturday) at 2pm and another at 9pm. Not bad finishing Panto on March 3rd! A full report on tomorrow follows!

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