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The Final Show of “Aladdin!”

March 4, 2018


Our last two shows today- A matinee Tea at 2pm and a Dinner at 9pm. Brilliant audiences for both shows, not a seat to be had and a very jolly time had by all!

fa40b5d4-6782-415e-8f9c-ca3235d5bd05 SONY DSC

We had a visit from Brick Lane regular Ross Tomlinson today- so good to see him again. He return to appear in the Irish Show which is next on the Brick Lane Schedule. I’ve left the dressing room space ready for him!


Ross with the Gang.

During the second show I managed to pack as I went, and in typical panto fashion, ended up in just what I was left in in the finale to be packed away before vanishing into the night!


The Finale. I’m not wearing that Pagoda. It really is scenery!

Had visitors tonight- my mates Jason Belne & John Pittom brought a party headed by Ian Gold- they are all BLMH regulars to the Panto. Great to see them at the end of the second show!


Tom, John, Laura, Jason, Ian, Mike and Edmund At The Last Night of “Aladdin”.

It is hard to believe we started this journey to Peking on January 16th, and here we are seven weeks later, having played to  completely packed houses through rain, shine and snow!

IMG_5341 IMG_5340

IMG_5339 IMG_5343

By next week the decorations in the auditorium will have completely changed, as Winter Wonderland comes down and Spring awakens! Costumes from Aladdin will be returned to their store, and the glittery green and gold shamrock costumes will be up on the rails.

My second panto of the year has been a blast!. Great bunch of people. Now it is time to put the lamp away, stop rubbing the ring, and put the curly slippers on! Farewell Brick Lane!

IMG_5338 IMG_5331


Goodbye from us all. Thanks for reading the Blog!




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