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Thursday/Friday 6-7th December

December 7, 2018


Thursday was a day of going through songs and dances- not my strong point, but I’m in a couple of them, and the amazing dancing that goes on around us is just astonishing. The energy from these eight stunning ensemble members with the input from Jordan and Director Gary makes the numbers zing! I love watching the process!


We ran scenes, and got together to run lines when not required, until we’d pulled the show into a shape ready for tomorrow’s run. We’re in a good place, being able to do a run tomorrow, after Fight Call- this is for King Rat- Johhny and Dick-John .

Evening had a drink or two with John Evans who finished his Liverpool “Jack & The Beanstalk” rehearsals at 6pm, joined by Andrew Ryan, who finished his “Dick Whittington” rehearsals for Southampton same time, and we set out for a meal before we all split up for our Pantomime Seasons.

Here are a couple of pictures from the Bromley “Cinderella” that Andrew directed over the last fortnight, before leaving to start his “Dick Whittington” Panto. I saw it on Sunday, lovely to catch up with Lesley Joseph and company!

IMG_7780  IMG_7781


Friday 7th December

The morning started with a Fight Rehearsal in the big room- a fight director calling in to set a fight with Johhny and John- and some of us running through songs and setting Ensemble positions in some of the scenes. Apart from setting the juveniles (the stage school children from Plymouth) into the show, Gary has now completed the blocking. We meet up with the local children when we arrive in Plymouth on Monday.


Starting around Midday, we did a full run of the show from the Entrance of Sam Womack as Spirit Of The Bells to the Songsheet with Andy Ford . In betweeen we Saw Dick Whittington accused of theft, Alice fall in love in a few lines, Me taking my clothes off, and lots of singing and dancing to Morocco and The Great Sultan- played by Spin.

IMG_7786 IMG_7800

Watching Ryan play Tommy The Cat -I am in awe. I’ve played Cat in panto- three times in fact. I appreciate what goes in to emoting through a mask, encased in fur- his Cat is endearing, cheeky, and constantly working- the children will adore him. No question!

IMG_7790 IMG_7793

By 5pm tonight we had run the show all the way through, songs, sword fights, dances, ghosts, gorillas, the works! We had a note session with Director Gary and Musical Director Joe afterwards, and our call tomorrow is 10am to run the show twice before we finish tomorrow evening.

The Blog is now on hold util we get to Plymouth on Monday. Tomorrows two run throughs will be followed by a very exciting trip to The Palladium to see the fabulous Qdos “Snow White” and catch up with Gary Wilmot, Paul Zerdin, Nigel Havers and Ben Goffe!

Sunday is washing, packing and travelling by train to Plymouth ready for Monday’s Rehearsals at TR2 the Theatre Royal’s massive studios and rehearsal room, and wardrobe.

See you in Devon!

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