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Technical Rehearsal 2. Dec 12th

December 13, 2018


A Full Technical Rehearsal day. Three Sessions, so effectively with breaks we all rehearse from 10aqm to 10pm. we are cracking along. Today I got to do Six Changes , helped by Ryan and Teresa on Wardrobe- including my Strip, which fortunately was done in one go! To have to reset and reapply all those layers would be not good! We also tried an extra change I’ve asked to do- its thirty eight seconds, but thanks to Team Felicity (aka Ryan & Teresa) we did it! I’m tired, but delighted.

IMG_7860 IMG_7864

John (Dick Whittington) is fighting a cold he’s had since the week-end, but battled bravely through the most stunning transformation scene at the end of Act One. The gorgeous glittery Terry Parsons set transforms from Highgate Hill through a Pale blue and silver set of gauzes and portals through to a full on Red and Gold bell swinging Grand transformation as Dickand Tommy become posh citizens of London. It was a feast for the eyes that scene.


The Giant Twins FX effect was given a few run throughs. It will strike terror into young hearts. I can say no more. Its all magic!

The City is all magic too at night- had a quick burst of fresh air in between sessions. Very Festive Plymouth!

IMG_7891 IMG_7888


We went through after Dinner into Act Two, and the ship. We have a tricky gangplank that no-one wishes to walk down- its a heel trap in yellow, but we found ways around that. Rats and Fairy entrances were worked on, the children rehearsed in, the Ensemble were Villagers one minute, Sailors the next and Rats as I was leaving the building at 9.30pm.


A great good humoured tech- Thanks to Gary and his production team. We start again at 10am tomorrow to finish the tech, then do a full dress rehearsal tomorrow evening.

Our call 10am starting with the Rats over running Morocco!

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