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First Dress Rehearsal :Thursday

December 14, 2018

IMG_7858 IMG_7907

A very full day, as you’d expect when the show finally gets to Dress Run stage after such a short time. We continued the Technical rehearsal this morning, with Gary and the production team concentrating on the big effects, andof course, the scene changes- the crew here at TRP are hugely experienced, and the set changes from Cheapside to sewers, to Shops and ships is pretty impressive.

No make-up required for Technicals, but we wear costumes- Team Felicity is on the case- Ryan Wardrobe and Teresa getting me in and out of the costumes in our cosy Quick Change Area on Stage Right. I think I have twelve changes in all.


Our Dick Whittington, John has been poorly since we left the rehearsal rooms in Dance Attic, Fulham. He has bravely battled through all the technicals dosed up but now his voice needs a complete rest, so we had John onstage and Jordan reading his lines, to ease the vocal strain. He’ll be all the better for not belting out songs for a day or so. Get better soon John!

The Dress rehearsal began at 7pm and it was, as it always is, a blur of activity. That first non stop, “doing it for real” rehearsal is fast. In a few days time everything will feel less frantic, and changing costume will feel calmer- for now, it is definately NOT! I don’t sweat as a rule. I’m lucky. On the first and second Dress rehearsals, believe me, I do!


The Dress Run went well, I had one Wardrobe Malfunction. It is not good for a lady wearing eight layers of clothing, starting to strip when her bloomers descend around her ankles. The strip was a waddle, and only when the offending spotty bloomers were kicked off could I rip off my garments in unseemly haste, and I still can’t believe it- I actually finished the strip to the last beat. On time! Well done Ryan who makes the final quickest change at the end of the strip possible! We did that, AND with Teresa’s help,and help from Sound Op Jannine, I did my 38 second change in just under 26 seconds! Success!

All sailed through, Fairies entered to Pyros, Rats descended wreathed in green smoke, Sailors danced, Cats fought rats and Dick became Lord Mayor. We do it all over again tomorrow afternoon, followed by our opening Night at 7pm tomorrow!


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