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Opening Night: Friday 14th December

December 15, 2018


Meet The Opening Night’s Dick Whittington- Alex Hetherington!

Friday 14th December: The Opening Day.

IMG_7909 IMG_7910

About to head into the Theatre for the Dress and Opening. I’ll report on how that went tomorrow. A Bit busy before then! I awoke to the magnificent sight of a battle cruiser sailing past the Hoe, watching from my window as it turned, guns blazing, all the crew on board standing to attention. Do they know it is our opening night tonight?

Maybe it was to herald our new Principal Boy- Alex Hetherington! We got the news this morning that John is very poorly and has no voice at all, so under orders he has to miss out on opening the show, while in true “42nd Street” Style Alex from Ensemble was given four hours notice- we did a full dress run with Alex, who was “off The Book” followed by his First Opening Night in a Title Role. The boy did good- More Than Good! He was amazing! He Did all the dialogue, songs and dances superbly, In the presence of the Head of Qdos, Nick Thomas in to see our opening show!


Christian, Mason, Kevin & Nigel

we had a full gouse- over 1,350 people and a joyous Panto opening it was! Lots of laughter, some excellent reactions to song, dance, comedy & effects and a frantic show- the first one always is a leap into the unknown in respect to the audiences.


Andy and I had some excellent responses to our routines- I admit I did “dry” (Forget my line” Stone dead in the middle of one routine, and the audience found it very amusing to watch us try and get a line from the wings- it took a while!

I think I had just one major “no idea what the line is” moment out of the two and a half hours of the opening show- with Interval that is.


All in all we had a great reception from a rowdy Plymouth First show audience! The saviour of London  AND our Pantomime was Alex. One truly amazing and dedicated young man. What a great acheivement!

IMG_7924 IMG_7922

IMG_7931 IMG_7932

Our call is 11am tomorrow. Act One will get a few cuts, as it is a bit over long- then two shows  with, we assume Alex as Dick Whittington. Our love to John Lumsden, and hope he recovers soon.There’s room in this show for two… Whittingtons!


A Selfie on “beginners”. Full show pics to follow as soon as TRP gives permission, and possibly after Press Night. The Shots from Front Of House will be magnificent. I’ve seen a few!

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