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Saturday 15th Dec.Party Night!

December 16, 2018


Two shows today. We were a little long in the first half yesterday, needing to lose about ten minutes from the show. It is best to keep both halves to around an hour or under, and then there is an interval- usually twenty minutes here-nearly 1400 people need that time to get ices, drinks and return to their seats.


Director Gary tightened up some of Act One, resulting in me going for “Plan B”. I’s kept plan B in mind if I needed to re-arrange when I change into the Strip costumes. Having lost my seven minutes to do this- it became three and a half, Team Felicity- Ryan Wardrobe, Teresa and Jannine arranged to lose the “Shop Dress”- A Spotty Frock I’m wearing on the poster, in favour of a Full coat. This hides the five layers of Strip Ive now under-dressed. After the shop scene, we do two more quick changes involving A Full length Fur Coat, and a Sparkly “neglige”, with no additions, then go full belt in our three minutes to add four coats, a wig and a handbag! We rehearsed this before the matinee, thankfully. It was still a bit scary, but the Pit Stop Team were champions!


Pets R Us with Andy & Ela.

The matinee came in on time! Show went fast and furious, still a few bits where your brain goes “What is next?” but no dries! Joined in the Evening by Jonathan Kiley, our Producer. He’d travelled down from seeing Llandudno Pantomime- over seven hours by train!

I slept between shows a sI always do. Duvet on floor, cushion and furry rug. Out cold for a solid hour. Thankfully TRP has a great backstage canteen. My first hot meal between shows in many many years!

We are working with Alex Hetherington as Dick Whittington- Everyday Alex astounds- today he learned the “who is in….” routine- an amazing memory feat. What a star!


And after the second show- even slicker, Our Producer was delighted, and we headed upstairs for the TRP’s annual Christmas Party. I stayed an hour- tomorrow is a school day! Had a lovely unwind though with jolly cast members. Dimly lit photos below!

IMG_7945 IMG_7959

IMG_7955 IMG_7954

IMG_7953 IMG_7950-2.jpg IMG_7948

Two Shows tomorrow at 1pm and at 6pm. Here’s a view from my window as I type!




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