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Sunday Dec 16th. Settling In!

December 17, 2018


Spirit of The Bells- Samantha

Here’sa link to our Festive Advert for the Pantomime!


A very rainy day here in Plymouth. Streets running with water, headed to the Theatre at Mid-day having had the first lie-in in a long time! Today Jonathan Kiley our Qdos Producer is with us through to Tuesday’s Press Night, and our Director Gary Lloyd has left to enjoy a family Christmas. Look forward to seeing him in London when the Panto is over.


Today’s shows are earlier- 1pm and 6pm, Everyone looking forward to a day off tomorrow. It has been a pretty hectic two weeks, and changes to the show continue, so today was our first “settling In” show, when nothing changed.we change again, of course on Tuesday when John returns to us from his sick-bed exile, and Alex hands over Dick Whittington’s Mayoral Robe. Alex continues to grow and excel. We were so very fortunate to have such a talented young man standing by!


Alex Hetherington. Thrice Lord Mayor Of London!

The shows are much tighter now. A running time of One Hour First Half, and 55 minutes Second half. Still very frantic for me, Act One- most of my changes happening there, but Act Two a little more serene in parts!Here’s Jannine, part of the Sound here at TRP, and Felicity Fitzwarren’s Wig/Mike supervisor and superb frock adjuster, joining Ryan (Wardrobe) and Teresa along with Delia Supervisor.



I managed a Pasty and chips in the canteen here between shows, before my customary one hour sleep of the dead in the dressing room, then onto the second show at 6pm.

Between shows I get a chance to catch up on panto pals from Southampton, Weymouth and All Points North, and had a jolly chat with John Evans at The Liverpool Empire Panto.

Ryan our Tommy the cat has a poorly paw, which got looked at. We wondered if he might have to wear one of those big plastic bucket collars to stop him licking his paw, but apparently not. Hope your poorly hand is better now, Ryan!

My changes are becoming less rushed- one or two are still very fast, but the edge of panic is lessening. Doing the “Pop Into My Shop” number is a bit arduous, wearing all those strip layers, but nobody said it was going to be easy!


Serves me right standing in a low ceilinged room for a photo! Feathers askew!

I lost my finale collar today- it is added to the above costume. I felt it unwind itself and drop off as I was about to curtsey! I grabbed it off the floor as Sam Womack glided down the treads, Spin The Great Sultan Vinegar disposed of it into the wing very swiftly!

081 086

Chris in his company office.

Our call is on Tuesday . I’m in at 12.30 to chat to Radio Jersey about The History of Panto, then a few notes from our Producer, and two shows. Press Night is the evening show at 7pm.

A Whole Day Off! Looking forward to seeing the fabulous Wardrobe Team from High Wycombe tomorrow, catching up with Clare, Steve, Phil and Lizzy who are heading here to see Tuesday’s show! Delighted to be seeing them after a year! News of Press night will be on Wednesday!




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