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Thursday 20th December-Headlines!

December 21, 2018


All Aboard! Photo by Steve Tanner.

In earlier than usual this morning, as I’ve been asked to make up a reporter from the newspaper for a feature. Im very quick doing my own make-up, but doing someone else’s make-up is always tricky. Last person I made up was Paul Merton for his Poster Shoot for Wimbledon Panto this year. I got Paul to copy what I was doing on one side, so he would have a better idea of how to do it when the Season began. It looks like he’s doing extremely well!

007 008

Our reporter today was Miles, and he was transformed in about thirty minutes. I then did the same to myself, but in about seven minutes! Here he is with some of the make-up applied!


Talking of local newspapers, I’ve made the Front Page of The Herald. Along with a cat that apparently attacks Postmen. Hope it isn’t our Dick Whittington’s Tommy. I shall have words!


Ryan as Tommy

The Review inside was glowing. There will be a link as soon as it is online.  We’ve had fantastic reviews from all papers and online- so that is heart warming. Hoorah for Team Whittington!

Both shows were packed, and we had a great reception. They LOVE to Boo they love to scream and they like to laugh very much. That’s what we’re here for!


Between shows we all did a few gags and words of Christmas Cheer for social media to camera, then I went to the fantastic backstage canteen, manned by Theresa, and tucked in to a proper cooked meal, caught a brief nap, and did the second show. The glamour is overwhelming! I’m encouraging Sam Womack to take a proper nap between shows- explaining it is akin to charging your phone. It really does make a difference!

We made a visit to the nearby pub tonight- some of the guys from The Crew, The Band and Ela and Jannine joining Andy Ford and myself.

018 (2) 021

022 019 (2)

King William Yard

Day off tomorrow. My plans are to lie in, explore King William Yard- a part of the ancient Georgian Docks here , now with Boutique shops and restaurants, and enjoy “Aquaman” in the cinema!

The Panto wot I costumed this year- “Aladdin” at The Kenneth More Theatre, Ilford continues to pack them in. Here are a couple of photographs of the Juveniles costumes- Villager and Cave scenes.





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