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Sunday 23rd December

December 24, 2018


So today we said farewello to Alex Hetherington as Dick Whittington, after thirteen performances, and Hello again to John Lumsden, returning to the part, recovered from a very nasty Laryngytus – John is in fine form, and Alex has a break as he returns to a hectic track as a dancer in this fast paced show!

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Photos by Steve Tanner

I had a short stroll through the City today on my way to the Theatre- the shops are still very busy as everyone does those last minute bits before Christmas Day. Its mild, in fact, very mild and the Theatre was like a Sauna as we arrived- the heating got turned down. That is unusual for late December…


Spin as Sultan Vinegar

Sad news today of a Tsunami in Indonesia this morning. It brought back memories of being in Plymouth Fourteen Years ago when the terrible Boxing Day through to New Years Day news came through of the Tsunami. We were here with The Brian Conley Cinderella- Peter Robbins, Myself with Sean Needham,Dawson Chance, Rachel Spry, Jodie Crosier, Lindsay Brittain,Brian organised a Charity night Concert, and we all took part after the Panto finished at 10pm. It raised a lot of money for that disaster fund.And today yet another Tsunami disaster.

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Both shows were terrific today- Andy Ford and I enjoying the repartee with the audiences, and enjoying our Haunted Bedroom scene very much.

In between shows a hot meal, courtesy of the Green Room Canteen backstage, and a good hour’s nap on the dressing room floor before the 5.25pm half hour call.

It is John’s very first pantomime appearance ever today. That we celebrated in my dressing room afterwards. A milestone. His very first appearance, and my forty fifth panto. Where did those Pantoland years go! Twenty-eight of them in an E&B then Qdos Cinderella for starters! Dames since 2009- a mere ten years, and prior to that “Puss In Boots” three times, “Mother Goose” three times and a couple of Pantomimes in Cardiff- The years have flown by faster than Aladdin’s carpet!


Drinks with some of the crew, Stage Management and Andy afterwards, then back to the hotel to chill before Christmas Eve’s two shows tomorrow at 1pm and 6pm. The Hospital will be getting a Panto visit tomorrow from some of the cast- The Children’s ward in particular.

Tomorrow is bound to be packed to the rafters with a very excited audience! Hoorah for Pantomime, over a hundred and fifty years of being a huge part of that Christmas Tradition!

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