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Saturday 29th Dec.

December 30, 2018


Another two show day at The Theatre Royal. Quite a few cast members had sessions booked with the visiting masseur, before and between the two shows. I have lost a bit of filling from a tooth! Its sharp- so Christian brought me some sort of cement you use as a temporary filling. Very messy- I looked like a Charlie Cairoli Slosh scene by the end, but it has helped! No Dentist will be open I fear until at least Wednesday!


A visit today from Daniel Dawson, co-founder of The Great British Pantomime Awards, along with Ben Todman- this is Daniel’s 38th Pantomime this season! Today he saw Cheltenham Matinee, and joined us for the 7pm show! Here we are with Andy at the restaurant next door to TRP. He drives back to Bristol tonight then on to Swansea and Cardiff Pantomimes! What a mammoth task!


Photos by Steve Tanner

Thanks to Steve Tanner’s excellent e-mail communication, I am able to publish large pics of the show, instead of the postage stamp size ones previously! I’ll add them throughout the blogs to come!


Ryan Kayode as Tommy The Cat

Had a lovely phone call from Sunny Australia today- my mate Ray Meagher! We chat every so often, and he keeps up with the world of Pantomime, of which he is an exceptional member- he’s done many Qdos pantomimes, and E&B Pantomimes on his “holidays” from “Home and Away” as Alf. We talked all things Panto. He’s recently completed another production of “Priscilla” in Australia- he was inj the West End Production for over a year at The Palace Theatre.

Photos by Steve TannerST103027-2.jpg

Tomorrow- Sunday we have earlier shows- at 1pm and 6pm. Some pantos will have already finished, or finish tomorrow. We have a further two weeks left after New Year’s Day- with twenty performances.



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