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Sunday 30th Dec- 31st New Years Eve 2018

January 1, 2019


Sunday 30th December

Early shows today- 1pm and 6pm. I stopped off to get some tooth repair and tongue soothing medicines en route! The lost filling has resulted in a swollen tongue, So Felicity Fitzwarren was having trouble with her own name by the end of the first show! Took Ibuprofen and some recommended mouthwash,plus gargling in salt- and was a brave soldier! Hopefully a Dentist will be open tomorrow!

Here was my big decision for between shows dining. It is such a glamorous life backstage!

IMG_8118 (1)

Had a visitor for the second show- Lee Redwood. Lee has been visiting my pantos since.. well, since he was a young lad, and now he presents two pantomimes in the South- Weymouth and Wimbourne. Some of the costumes are from The Kenneth More Theatre, so I catch up with him in the Summer as well, to sort villagers, finales and the like! Great to see him, and catch up with a meal after the show.

Both shows were very jolly- despite my sore tongue giving me a few pronounciation problems! Think Team Felicity achieved the fastest ever Quick Change today- The thirty three second change now I reckon a slick eighteen twenty seconds? We must try to film it and put it on the blog!


Made no plans for the New Year- I think a quiet night in the Hotel after a drink will be the order of the day- A nightclub just isn’t for me, but here’s hoping the gang heading there after the show tomorrow have a fabulous time! It’s been a funny old year, has 2018….

My Brother Vivyan went to see Southampton “Dick Whittington” yesterday with Andrew Ryan as Sarah The Cook- and now today I spoke to him as he was about to set off on the hovercraft for Newport on The Isle Of Wight to see our mates Christopher Marlowe and Sue Hodge in “Jack and The Beanstalk” at The Medina Theatre.

Monday 31st December

Two early shows today- earlier for me, as I was in the Dentist’s surgery at 10am getting sorted! The Dentist had seen The Panto at Torquay- but the Receptionist had seen the Panto at Plymouth, so we evened out! I’m sorted but still sore and having the fun of gargling salt between entrances. Mmmm…Lovely!

Both shows were extremely jolly- we had a brief practice of “Auld Langs Syne” before the second show, so we could try and ensure no-one was dragged into the orchestra pit by an over-enthusiastic audience member!


Photos by  Steve Tanner

Sad news today that Jimmy Osmond has suffered a stroke, and was taken ill during a performance at The Birmingham Hippodrome, where he is playing Captain Hook. He is recovering in Hospital and we all send him love. He really is so well regarded by everyone in Pantoland. A true Gent. A Real Pro. His part will be taken now by Darren Day later in the week.


Today we say farewell to Tom Blackler. Tom is on Stage Elex. He is a Third Generation TRP Employee, His Dad Chris before him and his Nan, Sylvia Blackler was Dressing me in 2004-2005 here at The Theatre Royal. Tom is off to his other job rigging and setting up lighting. His successor is JB who “shadowed” Tom today and takes over all things smoke and Pyro on Wednesday.

IMG_8121 (1)

Tom Blackler

We finished the very jolly second show with “Auld Langs Eyne”. The Younger element off to a nightclub, and I had a drink with Ian (Sound) and Andy Ford and his wife before I headed off to the Hotel. Lots of phone chats with mates, including Sherrie (Hewson) on a week’s break from the tour of Benidorm, and catching up on the news before the Twelve O’Clock bells.

From Simon and Myself- Have a VERY Happy New Year. Here’s to a magical 2019.




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