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Wednesday 2nd January 2019

January 3, 2019


All Alone At Sea!

Two shows today following a welcomed day off! I had a quiet dayoff on The Plymouth Hoe, watching the boats go by, and enjoying this beautiful Ocean City.


Back to work after the New Year-it seems everyone had a great evening on New Year’s Eve, and the houses are full for each performance. this was our final show of 2018 caught on camera!

Interesting that Dick Whittington seems to be on the increase as a subject for Panto- it is, of course based on a true story- well, to the extent that Dick Whittington really existed, and yes, he did marry Alice Fitzwarren! This is from our “Storybook” section of the site:

Richard Whittington was born somewhere around 1350, legend has it at Pauntley Court in Gloucestershire. He was not, however the penniless boy he is depicted in pantomime, but was in fact the son of an Alderman – Sir William Whittington of Pauntley. He arrived in London around 1379, and began to deal in costly textiles, and became an extremely wealthy merchant.

He married the daughter of an Alderman – Alice Fitzwarren, (or Fitzwaryn) and became an Alderman himself, before taking the honorary title of Sheriff in 1393.

It was under the patronage of King Richard II that he became Lord Mayor of London in 1397, and later again in 1406 and 1419. He became a member of parliament in 1416.

Whether Dick really had a cat- that we’ll never know. Tommy has become an important player in the story of rags to riches. Here’s Fred Whittaker, Feline Impersonator in the Edwardian Era.


Today our Ryan Kayode is playing Tommy and is a great hit with the audiences.


The story remains the same as the early pantomimes- Samuel Pepys writes in his 17th Century Diary that he saw a puppet show about Dick Whittington. Our tale follows the adventures of Dick as he fights rats and becomes Lord Mayor Of London gaining fame and fortune. My character was added later- usually Sarah The Cook (I’m the Widow of Alderman Fitzwarren in this version) and Idle Jack was added in the Victorian era.


Photos by Steve TannerBoth shows went very well today, with lots of audeince reaction. We heard news today that Darren Day will replace Jimmy Osmond at The Hippodrome Birmingham. We wish Jimmy a speedy recovery from his stroke. A very lovely man.


The Spirit Of The Bells Has King Rat at her feet!

A drink in the very cosy Pub On The Hoe before turning in on a very cold night. The schools go back next week, so we are in for busy shows every day this week!



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