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Friday 4th January 2019

January 5, 2019

Full houses, and a lot of pensioners! Always love a house full of pensioners- ever since playing Bournemouth Pavilion back in the early ‘eighties, I appreciate the roar of laughter you get from the fiesty Senior Citizens!


Photos By Steve Tanner. The Sultan is suspicious!

The above picture shows a gentleman dressing up as a lady. You’d never catch me doing that……..

Show went swimmingly. Once again I marvel at the scene changes- watching the guys move the scenic trucks into place like a large Lego set! Large touring houses like Plymouth have a crew used to bigger pieces of scenery than even we have. I will never tire watching pieces move, lock together and then be removed swiftly while a frontcloth hides the activity. Old as Theatre itself that.


The Sultan makes his choice!

Talking of Old Theatres- Here are a few random “Dick Whittington” bills from the past.

dicklyceum34 tridick74 formbypanto


Its great to know we are part of a tradition going back almost two hundred years, and still going strong. No matter how sophisticated things become, you can’t beat the yell of “Its Behind You!” when the Ghost appears in the bedroom!


Photo courtesy of Steve Tanner. Ghost courtesy of Christian Jones. Llandudno’s own!

Both shows flew by. The luxury of dinner in the backstage Green Room, followed by the one hour snooze on the dressing room floor. Several pantomimes finish either tomorrow (Saturday) or Sunday- The trucks are going up and down the country, and back at The Twins FX vast warehouses the massive special effects are being returned to the fold.

Two shows tomorrow, and two more on Sunday then the Day Off .


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